Gaurav Mellacheruvu

The Suicide Mission

I entered Fenrir’s cave being aware of my surroundings and trying not to wake the hug beast up. It was very hot in his cave, it felt like I was walking on the sun as I approached him. I was ready to pounce at the ferocious beast and get rid of him once and for all. But before I could take another step I saw a bright red eye staring into my soul. It was almost as if Fenrir new I was coming at that point I realized it was a trap! I ran as fast as I could trying to exit the burning cave. But it was to late he was already was waiting at the exit snickering under his breath. I was as good as dead. I closed my eyes waiting for my life to end, but nothing happened. I opened one eye slowly but I did see Fenrir anywhere. Then I saw a shadow covering everything in sight. He was right above me. This time I was not going to wait around for death to take me. I ran under his legs and got chains from my trusty backpack. I through my sword near him as a distraction and when he turned his enormous head I ran. I ran like my life depend on it going around and around his leg with the strong unbreakable chain. I was raping it around Fenrir’s legs while he was trying to bite me. THUD!!! He feel to the ground and I was overwhelmed with victory.

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