Lone Stars

https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/317282/lone-stars-by-mike-lupica/9780147514929/This video shows you what happens in football and fast paced it is. Most people’s drems are to play and college and this is what it is like. Some of the best athletes in college play football.

In my LA class I am currently reading Lone Stars by Mike Lupica. This book is about a kid named Clay around my age (12) who lives in San Antonio and is playing in one of the top leagues in Texas and this book shows his struggles and glory throughout the season. This book illustrates what it’s like when something bad happens and when something good happens, it also shows what a normal kid would do off the field. This book can tell you a lot about football by just reading it, telling you different coverages, plays, ways to get off the defender and more. Clay is a wide receiver amd he looks up to his coach, Coach Coop who used to play for the Dallas Cowboys as a wide receiver as well. Clay uses coach to learn from him and gain knowledge but he also helps Coach Coop because he is old and he can not really move around and sometimes can’t even think straight. This story can help you under stand how to overcome struggles not just in football but in real life. If you like football or sports you will like this book. I liked all the description about everything he went through because I have experienced a lot of that too, I also liked that it was really descriptive in the games almost like it was freezing the moment and telling you everything he saw but instead of in the blink of an eye it was really expanded. I would really suggest this book to you if you are interested in sports or want to learn about sports.


Basketball is a very competive and fast paced game, there is a lot more to it then what meets the eye. For example most people probably think you just shoot a ball into a hoop, but it is a lot different than that, there is a certain way to shoot to have a higher percentage to shoot, and to get the correct amount of rotation on the ball to get a roll if it hits the rim. Then on defense you have to have a low center of gravity to be able to guard anyone on the court, when you are playing defense you have to recognize their weak hand and make them go to that side, and recognize when you can get a steal. There is also a lot of plays you can run against a bunch of different defenses, like when the defense is in a man to man defense you want to set a lot of screens, or if it is a 2-3 you want to target the high post to disrupt the defensive formation. You can run plays to beat the defense but it can also go the other way which means if the team is shooting a lot of 3’s then you can run a 3-2 to try to make them drive, or if they are just passing it around then you can run a 2-2-1 to put pressure and try to force a bad pass. If you want to be very good at basketball you have to memorize almost everything and be able to make a decision or recognize the play or defense in the blink of an eye. Now you know what basketball actually is not just shooting the ball.