School is almost over which means Summer Vacation! I cannot wait to chill.

15.5 days might not sound that long to you, but it is to me because I have STARR testing to do. If you do not no what STARR is I will tell you. It is a 50 question test that determines if you move up a grade or not. There is not just one by the way, for most people there is there to four test that you our required to take. It’s HORRIBLE! And I still have two left which is the reading and math ones. But when I am done we these tourture test I will sleeping in, not having to go to school, and eating whatever I want!

These stupid tests are not going to take away my enthusiasm for summer, I cannot wait to be done!

The Annoying Dog!

The dog that lives next to me is so ANNOYING!

For example, I skateboard alot and skateboarding causes noise right? So everytime that dog escapes it comes over to me and disrupts my skating time! Yet, all it does is just bark in my face till the owner finally comes and gets it, ITS POINTLESS!

It isn’t just “Coco” the dog that drives me crazy though, it’s the owner TOO! Everytime she comes to get it she just picks it up and leaves like nothing ever happened. I mean you could at least say SORRY or something!  But noooo… you just have to be as annoying as the dog, huh?

The dog is really cute, tiny and furry but they need to keep it in the house or get a fence to stop that dog from ANNOYING my skating time!

Scary Story

One dark and rainy night and Hobbs was alone in the woods trying to find his phone that he lost from when he was camping a couple a days back. But he felt kind of funny just roaming around the woods by him self at night because when he was camping, it was with his dad and a couple of his friends. So this felt frighting to him.

He had his flash light with him going to the camp sight but he kept hearing CREAK, CRACK, CREAK, CRACK, CREAK over and over again. So he stopped for a little bit a looked around but nothing was there it was just trees and trees, nothing else.

But finally some man came and grabbed him by the shoulder and wouldn’t let go. So what he did was he punched the guy in the face and ran but he hit and tree and got knocked out. But when he woke up he saw that guy again and he said “I was just trying to give you your phone back!”




This post will be about why I think homework is not necessary.

Everyone my age wakes up and goes to school for seven hours a day and then we come home and have to do tons of homework.  In most classes we get a lot of homework that can take hours to complete. This is one of the worst ways we have homework because it can take time away from after school activities like sports, music etc. I would love to go outside and skate all day when I get home or go out with my family to dinner every night, but I really can’t when I have homework. I think we go to school for long enough and I feel like we should get to escape for just a couple of hours to do something we love.

Another reason is having to stay up late to do homework. This might not sound like a big problem, but it is. Studies show that staying up late to do homework or study can make you not do as well on a test compared to having a well rested body. For instance, I studied for many hours one night and had to stay up really late doing it and when I took the test I hardly remembered anything thing and I didn’t do well. In my opinion this proves that teachers should not give homework!

These are two of the many reasons we should not have homework.

Track and Field!

I cannot wait to start track because I love to run long and short distances!

In off-season we have been running non stop everyday for track. For instance, we ran this thing called the snake and what you have to do is run all the lines on the football field. When we first started this it was really hard for all of us, now we can do three of them so easily and quick.  I feel like off-season is going to be a big help for track because of all the long and short distances we have to run.

The coaches are timing our 100, 200, and 1760 (1 mile) yard dash. We have already done 100 and 1760 (1 mile) dash, but the thing is we only have one shot for our run and time. I’m choosing to do 100 and 1760 dash because I kind of have a high stamina. Also, I am pretty hyper and have no chill so I think I will do pretty good!

We have meets that we will attend seven times this season to compete against other schools like Lake Travis or Hill Country. I am really excited for that because I want to show Hill Country who’s boss!

I think I will have a really fun time in track because I love to run, race and to compete against others.  

The Super Bowl!

I chose to write about Super Bowl 51 because it was honestly the best one! With many interceptions by the Atlanta Falcons and a amazing comeback from the New England Patriots. In my opinion this Super Bowl was the best in history.

New England calls heads and President Bush flips the coin, it lands on tails but Alanta defers.  The first quarter each team is holding each other away from the end zones with noone scoring at all.  The second quarter was better because the Falcons  get a 7 point lead from Matt Ryan handing it off to Devonta Freeman so he can run and jump into the end zone. Then about 2 minuets later Matt Ryan had an amazing throw to Austin Hooper.  Straight from the thirty yard line to the end zone for another touch down by the Falcons.  The Patriots finally have the ball and Tom Brady throws a pass but it is intercepted by Robert Alford and he takes it all the way to the end zone.  Another touchdown for the falcons!  Second quarter is about to end and the Patriots are at fourth down so they kick a field goal and the final score for the second quarter is Falcons 21 and Patriots 2.  Third quarter finally happens and the Falcons have the ball at the 10 yard line. Matt Ryan throws another amazing pass to Tevin Coleman so he can run to the end zone and the score now is 28 to 2.  Finally, the patriots score a touchdown!  Tom Brady throws a pass to James White so he can slide into the end zone for the score to be 28 to 9.  Meanwhile Brady is at first and goal and he is about to throw a pass but Jared sacks him.  Then it is second and goal for the patriots and Jared sacks Brady again!  So they decided to kick and now the score is 28 to 12. Brady has the ball again and he throws a great pass for another touchdown but instead of a field goal they get a two point conversion and the score now is 28 to 20. Then the an amazing touchdown from James white jumping into the end zone making the patriots have 26, but of course they got the two point conversion and making the game tied. The minute left ended and this was turning into the first Super Bowl that went to over time in history. Which was another reason this was the best Super Bowl.  There is another coin toss but this time the patriots win and they start overtime. Finally Brady tosses it to white and he runs and slides into the end zone and the Patriots win it all. The final score is Falcons 28 and Patriots 34.


Tom Brady now has 5 super bowl rings and is now the best quarterback of all time. Also, this is the first Super Bowl to go overtime, and best comeback ever from the patriots. This really was the best Super Bowl ever!



Huff’s Ranch

Huff’s Ranch is a place we go every year for my friends birthday party.  It is a huge place with about 150 acres and has a lot of elk and donkeys.  It’s pretty cool to see that because you usually don’t see elk or donkeys in Westlake.

We have gone about three times so we have lots of experience. Like the first time, we all brought too few of things, but now we bring the perfect amount. The drive is about two to three hours long but I have all my friends in the car so it goes by pretty quick. Usually, every year my friend and the owner Kevin Huff bring a Polaris, which is an ATV that goes up to eighty miles per hour so it is basically a car.  Sometimes you have to be careful because the thing can overheat and catch on fire.  For example, the time Travis and I were going really fast and the ATV shut down.  We were stranded by these huge elk and didn’t know what to do. We were kind of scared but it was funny at the same time.  All of our dads bring guns because Huff has lots of clay and targets we can shoot.  We always have battles and contests to see who is the best shooter.  It’s pretty fun!  Then, at the end we blow up a bunch of tanarite, which is an explosive we use and we all have to put on ear muffs since it is so loud.  For dinner we all have deer that has just been shot about a week before and we put it on the grill and eat up.  The cool thing is deer is my favorite food and I don’t get to eat it that much but when we have it is like the best thing ever.

Huffs Ranch is one of my favorite places to go because you can ride really fast in the Polaris or just hang out with friends and throw the football.  Also, it is amazing to see the animals and how awesome the lakes are.


Christmas Vacation

Texas isn’t the coldest place is winter, it’s probably one of the warmest places in winter. With lows of 60 and highs of 80 degrees Texas is a pretty warm place, but NYC isn’t.

It takes about a three hour drive to get to Dallas which is pretty long for most people.  We have so many family members in Dallas we have to drive up there frequently.  Thankfully, the drive went pretty quick but we still had to drive to my grandparents house to spend the night so we could leave in the morning to the airport, before we knew it we were waking up to a loud alarm clock buzzing like crazy to start our day.

Quickly we made it to the airport, it is not the shortest drive there but we could handle it. So, of course we had to check our bags and go through security first before we could do anything. Luckily, I am not fourteen yet so I didn’t have to take off my shoes passing security. All of a sudden we were on our plane flying there like nothing ever happened.

We got there and it was really, really, really COLD! I had at least 4 to 5 layers on because of that. Since it is hot in Texas I was totally not used to this at all! So we got our Uber and went to the hotel where it was really, really, really WARM! But, of course we had to go eat and walk out into the cold.  Honestly, I was to excited about the food so the cold didn’t really bother me that much. Finally, we got to the food place called Black Iron Burger, they say it is top five burger places in NYC which was pretty cool if you ask me. It was one of the best burgers I have ever had, they lterally had grilled onions on the burger which is awesome.

We were kind of used to the cold there so we decided to go out and walk around since we really had nothing to do anyway. Unfortunately, we kind of went too far and ended up where all the tourists were and got caught into this huge mosh pit where nobody was moving at all.  It was really scary to be stuck in a crowd of strangers.  Also, another bad thing was it was pitch black out and only the city lights were guiding us.  It was horrible and almost everyone fell over because some guy pushed everyone.  Luckily, we made it out safe.

My time was pretty cool in NYC and way different from Texas. It was a fun adventure, the pizza was way better too! I can’t wait to go back when it’s not so crowded.

New Shoes

I am happy to say that I got new Nikes for off season!

They are all black Lunarstelos (running shoes).  The reason I am so happy about this is because I have had to wear old Nikes with two huge holes in the bottom of them for so long.  Lately, it has been raining which had made the inside of the shoes soaking and my socks soaking wet too.  It’s been horrible! I purposely got running shoes because we have been doing a lot of training for track tryouts and I want to try out too.

These shoes have already helped me run faster with the days I have had them because they are light weight, very sturdy, and have good grip to the ground. I think my next shoe might be these same ones again.


Cold, rainy, and dark!
Only the street lights shining.
But I felt like someone or something was watching my every move.
There was movement.
Like scattering and running from one place to another.
Finally it came.
White creamy face.
And lots of hair.
An apparition that appeared out of thin air.
There was nothing I could do!
Author’s note: I have been watching a lot of scary movies lately so this inspired me to create my own.
Also for my reader’s to understand this probably won’t happen.

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