Giada & Fenrir

I, Giada, knew that my life could be lost at any moment, but giving up isn’t an option. I take my first step inside. Dark. Creepy. Black. I can taste victory at the end of the cave. As I make my way down, my feet and legs are trembling, my head hurts, and my stomach is twisted, but I keep going. Fenrir could pop out at any second, I keep telling myself as I keep getting closer to the end.


Then deeper.

  My eyes are awakened by a circular shape deep in the cave. It seems to be glaring at me. I think of it as nothing and get closer and closer and closer and deeper and deeper and deeper into the cave. It moved. I haulted. It felt as though an earthquake has struck when a huge creature emerged from the cave. It was Fenrir. It’s time to fight for my life. I’m shaken to the bone when I see that his teeth are twice my size, his armor is extremely shiny, his eyes are a powerful glowing green, and his horns touch the sky! Pulling out my sword, I make a deep wound in his foot, because they are the only thing I can reach. He doesn’t budge. His eyes are eyeing me like eagles that can see right through me. I take my sword out of his paw and fling it as hard as I possibly can to hit his eyes. Score. The blood pours out of his eye as he moans and groans like a dying chicken. He just stands there. Just staring at me. Watching for my every move. Listening for my every sound. And thinking about me. Thinking if I should live or die.

A Touch of Tokyo

I take my first step inside.

painted walls

lanterns glowing

people talking

chefs cooking

The sweet aroma brings a smile to my face, while I am seated at a booth in the corner with the lights dimmed.  The menu is crammed with an array of unique dishes.

A roll sounds like a pleasant idea! The sweet and savory sauce with the seaweed hugging the rice, crab, and cucumber, not to mention you can dip it into its crunchy tuna that dissolves in your mouth.

Shall I get noodles that swim in the bowl with scallions, mushrooms, ginger, and eggs? The decision is too hard.

“Konnichiwa!” says my waitress as she glides across the restaurant. Her outfit is unique, with flowers at the top and gold lining at the bottom. Her silver shoes sparkle in the light and the pin in her hair is so very tight.

I go with Jasmine tea as my drink remembering the strong floral aroma it has, almost like perfume.





I get my rectangular plate with my scrumptious meal on it that is staring at me and waiting to be eaten.

I take a bite.

The clasp of the sea weed breaks in my mouth and the insides are going every which way as though they just freed themselves from prison. The fresh avocado is smooth on my tongue and the savory sauce makes my taste buds leap!

These perfect little squares are what I call my favorite food. They might be small and they might be tall, but they all have layers like a wedding cake.





Authors Note: My inspiration for this poem was my love for sushi. Sushi has been my favorite food for a very long time now, so I decided to dedicate my poem to sushi. In my poem I go through the steps of going out to eat sushi! First, you walk into the restaurant and look around for a table. Then, you figure out what your going to eat. After that, your waiter/waitress comes and you order your food! Lastly, you wait and wait until your food is ready and you take a bit of the delicious sushi!

BlackOut Poem


They could not imagine being related, as a long-lost cousin. In fact, friendly and inquisitive, history and geography had learned that was not enough. A whole list of names for further information but questions were too familiar. A large number of traders, themselves, attention the concern. Beg.