Giada & Fenrir

I, Giada, knew that my life could be lost at any moment, but giving up isn’t an option. I take my first step inside. Dark. Creepy. Black. I can taste victory at the end of the cave. As I make my way down, my feet and legs are trembling, my head hurts, and my stomach is twisted, but I keep going. Fenrir could pop out at any second, I keep telling myself as I keep getting closer to the end.


Then deeper.

  My eyes are awakened by a circular shape deep in the cave. It seems to be glaring at me. I think of it as nothing and get closer and closer and closer and deeper and deeper and deeper into the cave. It moved. I haulted. It felt as though an earthquake has struck when a huge creature emerged from the cave. It was Fenrir. It’s time to fight for my life. I’m shaken to the bone when I see that his teeth are twice my size, his armor is extremely shiny, his eyes are a powerful glowing green, and his horns touch the sky! Pulling out my sword, I make a deep wound in his foot, because they are the only thing I can reach. He doesn’t budge. His eyes are eyeing me like eagles that can see right through me. I take my sword out of his paw and fling it as hard as I possibly can to hit his eyes. Score. The blood pours out of his eye as he moans and groans like a dying chicken. He just stands there. Just staring at me. Watching for my every move. Listening for my every sound. And thinking about me. Thinking if I should live or die.

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