Skunks and Guns

First let me clue you in on the rules of stalking deer other than the obvious don’t be seen or heard.
– Don’t shoot towards the pickup.
– Don’t shoot near the horses.
– Don’t run with a gun.
– Only shoot what’s in season. (It seems like a no brainer but the hunting urge can get to some more than others.)

The silence echoes as all I can hear is my feet crunching in the grass. As I raise my gun to look through the scope. It’s doe season I tell myself as if i already don’t know it. My urge to shoot a buck is very real, but I know better. A barren doe walks up and I raise my gun and move down the fence a little to get a better shot. First its the smell, when you get a whiff of it you can’t dismiss it. Then I see the little white stripe that you should always be afraid of. I couldn’t pull my gun in time so I did what most humans would.


Any normal person would say set the gun down and then run but I’m not gonna let some skunk spray my 243. As I’m running I near the fence and the cattle pens and I have no option but to hop the fence. I take a quick glance behind me to see the black and white stripes still moving so I slip the gun over the fence and hope 10 year old barbed wire will hold me. Luckily it does and I make it over. I finally look behind me and the little white striped demon is no where to be seen. My final sigh of relief makes me look to see if any doe are still around. None are left. My Dad pulls up as it gets dark and looks to hopeful to know any better.
He laughs at my story as anyone would and guess looking back it is kinda funny. I may not know where that skunk is but here is what I do know, this isnt my first or last story with a skunk and I hope this will be as bad as it gets in my skunk story department.

Mountain nights

Wispers rasping through the trees
Cold mountain air
Laughter echoing for miles
Fire dancing
Sweet smiles too dark to be seen
Rolling hills and mountains
Quiet snores as if not to wake the Bears
Zippers of tents and waves of goodnight
Mountains and peaks reaching to the sky
Trees waving good night
As scilence falls over the camp
The night settles in