How to laugh through embarrassment

Laughter cures everything. We all have had the awful embarrassing moments, some we haven’t lived down even to this day. When people bring it up your stomach drops and you turn an awful beet red. I’ve found in most experiences the best option in embarrassing moments is to laugh.

First my reaction would be to make a joke. If you act like the incident gets under your skin people can tell, so don’t show any weakness. If you approach the situation with good humor, it will become less embarrassing and more like a little joke. The easiest way to get over an embarrassing moment is to just laugh at yourself. This way, it’s easier for others to laugh with you rather than at you. If you approach this embarrassing moment with humor, it will turn out better in the long run.

Lastly if someone brings an old accident up don’t act sensitive, remember to not show weakness. Just follow the steps above and laugh, It makes you look like you have matured since then and have moved on. Even if laughter can’t cure the truly embarrassing moments but eventually you will live them down.

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One thought on “How to laugh through embarrassment

  1. I love the saying “it’s better to laugh than cry”. No one likes to be embarrassed, but you are right, laughter is the key!

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