A World With No Color

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If I said fire to most humans on earth they would see red flames dancing and plumes of smoke billowing into the sky. But, to some people they would see the colors of pencil lead in the shape of flames and black air rising. Color is a spark of green on a cloudy day, if the earth had no color it would be like swiming in silvery and ash colored sea.

In the book The Giver  by Lois Lowry, people live in darkness only seeing in black and white. With the people in book not knowing any better, they have grown up without their pastel pink eggs on easter or their icy blue lakes in mid-December. I thought from the beginning of the book there was something off about the main charecters perception, but I could never imangine a world that I live in without any color. I think that with no color the message of hopelessess and no freedom is potrayed strongly in the book. A world without color would change everything, try to imangine seeing everyone equally with no judgement of color concerning their skin, hair or eyes. Considering that entire wars have been fought over something as simple as color.

There may be many different views on the idea of color. All I know what is truly color? Color is the hope of change and the diversity of the world but, color is also an enemy that has filled people with hatered for hundreds of years.

The Secret of Spring



A secret came just a week ago,

A secret that everyone already knows,

With the blustery icy days behind us,

And with pink pedals abloom,

Pastel skies dusted with white clouds,

Sun kissed rivers rushing away,

With chirping echoing,

The secret that everone knows,

The secret  of spring,

Which has sprung apon us