my opinion on breaking the rules

If you stop and be honest with yourself, you will probably remember a few times when you have gone against the rules. A few times it might have been necessary-a few not so much. But sometimes its okay to break the rules.

Take this for example, lying on your food stamps application. By doing this you are not only breaking some federal laws. You are also stealing from families that actually that need food. This is a time when it’s not okay to break the rules. Because you are breaking the rules for no reason.

When you choose to break the rules you must pick your battles. Alot of rules these days are plain outlandish and weird- but be willing to suffer the consequences if you get caught. It is truly okay to break the rules when someones life is in danger. If your grandfathers heart stops in the car as long as you’re safe i don’t think anyone will mind if you run the red light to get to the hospital. I have always thought it is would be okay to break the rules for good reasons- not just because you want to.

In this world there will always be people that disrespect the rules and I’m not saying never break the rules- just pick your battles and don’t get caught.


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