last blog post of 2014-2015 school year

Ok not a lot of people will read this but goodbye. I’ve gone through a few weird phases on my blog, but thank you. So welcome to my last blog post of the year, it will be mish mashy and full of unfinished drafts.

Puns are an easy thing to use when your in awkward situations. I think the really lighten the mood. So here is a list of pun I would use in bad situations.

1. What’s the definition of a will? It’s a dead give away.
2. I asked the librarian if she was free later she said she was all booked up.
3. Did you see the new movie about hot dogs? I heard it was an Oscar wiener.
4. The power went off at school and the students where de-lighted.
5. If towels could tell jokes I’d bet they’d have a dry sense of humor.
6. Old skiers never die they just go down hill.

Here is an unfinished story about my horse.

Mattie is the 16 year old hanoverian through  bred cross that I have been leasing for about 13 months. About 3 weeks before school started Mattie was going to have her teeth floated, during that time I was in Portland oregon with my dad.

when I got back I was told that Mattie had a cracked crown and she would be taken out to the vet for the tooth removal. That means I would be out of riding for a week.  That tuesday was my one day off from the barn.  Since I gotten back that afternoon I got a call from the barn owner saying that Mattie had been banged up in the trailer and they where not able to remove the tooth well that means that a trip to A&M was necessary. That would mean that Mattie would be gone for a week.

I was ok with that for a while until the vet from A&M called and said that they had found black blood cells in some blood tests and that they didn’t know what was wrong so she would be there for a while.

So my birthday is over winter break and a had a blog post due and nothing to write about so here is on sad lone paragraph about turning into a teenager.

Recently I turned into a teenager, not really a big deal but you would think that on my birthday I would turn into this super sassy going through an awkward faze teen but well the awkward faze is true like another birthday I still feel the same.

So I tried writing about cars, didn’t really work out. Sorry… but here you go.

My brother has always been obsessed with cars
any car…
So of course I would see myself as semi informed about cars. My brother has always taught me to not enjoy the mainstream cars that are a dime a dozen, so I learned to appreciate the special cars. He taught me to never be a dime a dozen mustang lover. ( please don’t take that to offense)

So one of my phases was poetry, ugh. So this poem is very similar to a different poem already on my blog.

The crisp air bites as you sit on the tail gate,

The winds whispers through the small cedar trees,

You laugh and smile while watching the sky,

a little star twinkles in the night light,

the hum if the truck is the only thing you can hear



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