Why disapointment is useless

Disapointment can be very upsetting. Especially when it was something important. If it’s directed at you from a person it can often make not you want to do anything and just mope around. When ever I get a bad grade on a test I start to mope around and feel bad for myself, and it doesn’t get anything done. It is very easy to feel bad for yourself when all you need is to realize that moping won’t get anything done. When someone else is disappointed in you it’s especially bad and it makes you mad at yourself even if you didn’t do anything. My friend once told me that her dad makes her drive her golf cart and once she lost the keys at her neighbors house. Her dad helped her look for them and when they got home her dad showed her that he had the keys. She was upset because she thought that her dad was upset for loosing the keys, but he really wasn’t. She told me that if you mope around when something goes wrong it doesn’t get anything done. In the end I think when someone is disappointed in themselves all they need to do is realize mistakes happen.