my opinion on breaking the rules

If you stop and be honest with yourself, you will probably remember a few times when you have gone against the rules. A few times it might have been necessary-a few not so much. But sometimes its okay to break the rules.

Take this for example, lying on your food stamps application. By doing this you are not only breaking some federal laws. You are also stealing from families that actually that need food. This is a time when it’s not okay to break the rules. Because you are breaking the rules for no reason.

When you choose to break the rules you must pick your battles. Alot of rules these days are plain outlandish and weird- but be willing to suffer the consequences if you get caught. It is truly okay to break the rules when someones life is in danger. If your grandfathers heart stops in the car as long as you’re safe i don’t think anyone will mind if you run the red light to get to the hospital. I have always thought it is would be okay to break the rules for good reasons- not just because you want to.

In this world there will always be people that disrespect the rules and I’m not saying never break the rules- just pick your battles and don’t get caught.


Why disapointment is useless

Disapointment can be very upsetting. Especially when it was something important. If it’s directed at you from a person it can often make not you want to do anything and just mope around. When ever I get a bad grade on a test I start to mope around and feel bad for myself, and it doesn’t get anything done. It is very easy to feel bad for yourself when all you need is to realize that moping won’t get anything done. When someone else is disappointed in you it’s especially bad and it makes you mad at yourself even if you didn’t do anything. My friend once told me that her dad makes her drive her golf cart and once she lost the keys at her neighbors house. Her dad helped her look for them and when they got home her dad showed her that he had the keys. She was upset because she thought that her dad was upset for loosing the keys, but he really wasn’t. She told me that if you mope around when something goes wrong it doesn’t get anything done. In the end I think when someone is disappointed in themselves all they need to do is realize mistakes happen.

How to laugh through embarrassment

Laughter cures everything. We all have had the awful embarrassing moments, some we haven’t lived down even to this day. When people bring it up your stomach drops and you turn an awful beet red. I’ve found in most experiences the best option in embarrassing moments is to laugh.

First my reaction would be to make a joke. If you act like the incident gets under your skin people can tell, so don’t show any weakness. If you approach the situation with good humor, it will become less embarrassing and more like a little joke. The easiest way to get over an embarrassing moment is to just laugh at yourself. This way, it’s easier for others to laugh with you rather than at you. If you approach this embarrassing moment with humor, it will turn out better in the long run.

Lastly if someone brings an old accident up don’t act sensitive, remember to not show weakness. Just follow the steps above and laugh, It makes you look like you have matured since then and have moved on. Even if laughter can’t cure the truly embarrassing moments but eventually you will live them down.

How to bomb your average quickly

How to bomb your average, I have a lot of expertise on messing up my average whether intentional or unintentional it’s on my top 10 lists of skills.

First you need to wake up late then you need to forget your homework. If the homework is reading you don’t need to do it. You can scan through the pages if you really feel bad but don’t actually retain any information. Listening in class is always optional. When you zone out make sure to look back at the board and glance were the teacher is every once a while. If the teacher says to take notes your best options are to get out of his pen and a paper but just don’t take any notes. You can do your homework but only because you don’t want the teacher to email your parents.

Then you can get a job, the easiest reason to miss school is because of “conflicts”. Or a good excuse is a dental appointment. You don’t do your homework because you weren’t there during class, you could look on the website but you don’t. You probably have make up work for missing the day before but that isn’t bad, make up work is a suggestion. Hopefully you have a quiz on this day. There is no reason to study… You have been paying great attention in class! you’re late to class because—-(insert awful excuse). The teachers probably start to get frustrated with you but there’s really no reason email your parents yet. At this time you should check your grades during class and seeing your marvelous quiz grade and be very proud of yourself!

So after all of those steps your probably on your way to failing. If not rinse and repeat till satisfactory.