Trick Training

I work at a red horse ranch. I love my job, I have since day one. I work with 4 horses Goose, Mattie, Tux and  Visten. Mattie is the Horse that I lease, she jumped in the grand prix one or twice and then was sold at a show . Tux is a horse that I have been doing pedestal work with and I rode him for the first time a few days ago. Visten is a horse who has ambiance  seizures and is sweet as a cube of sugar. Goose is a horse who has thrush and I treat his feet 2-3 times a week. With scooping poop sweeping and cleaning water troughs I’m a busy girl when it comes to the barn.With another here and there odd jobs life is interesting… My employer is my god mother and my trainer so its an odd relationship but oh well. I have to say riding and trick training is my favorite thing to do so here is a video on how to pedestal train a horse (trust me it’s easy)