Deer hunting as a kid

“WRHHHHRRR,” The engine roar dialed down, as I take a big breath. My door creaks open  and a big  “CREAAK,” lets out from the rusty  27 year old truck doors. Dad walked up behind me and whispers quietly “ you got this, ok?” “Yeah,” I  say with confidence, but inside my 10 year old brain was whirling. I knew today would be the day.

We started walking towards the tree we had scoped out a few days ago. My feet crunching in the cold icy grass. The cold air surrounded me like a on a winter day. We stopped half way there to load the gun “CACHING, CACHING, CACHING.” “Three rounds ok?”

10 minutes later I was sitting on my jacket twiddling my thumbs like a bored high schooler. The emerging sun was lighting up the world. “Five minutes” my dad proudly exuded. He was beaming, while  I was making up scenarios in my head of stuff that could go wrong.

“BREANNGG,” I jumped as the silence was taken away from the sky… The feeder had gone off, and it was my turn to shot as soon as something showed up. We sat there for an hour quietly .

It was small an eight pointer but that was good enough for me… my dad stopped me “wait don’t shoot yet,” he whispers raspily…we wait about 13 minutes and nothing “ok its still here go ahead…”

My heart racing I take a deep breath hoping he doesn’t move. I smile and cock the gun “CLICK CLACK.” Okay it’s now or never… “BANG! THUD,” I wait 5 seconds before I open my eyes My dad is beaming he can’t wipe the smile off his face.

All I can do is smile. As we approach the buck I start to simper happily thinking to myself “YOU DID IT!” “Well I better go get the truck Grace, I’ll see you soon.” I sit there with tenacity and power on the cold muggy  ground. “WHHHRRRR,” is the truck approaching from the distance.