The Secret of Spring



A secret came just a week ago,

A secret that everyone already knows,

With the blustery icy days behind us,

And with pink pedals abloom,

Pastel skies dusted with white clouds,

Sun kissed rivers rushing away,

With chirping echoing,

The secret that everone knows,

The secret  of spring,

Which has sprung apon us





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Just the mountains and I on a small ledge

The sweet serendipity on the quiet hill side

The wind rushes through the trees as

The quiet day flashes by

Even though it’s just the mountains and I

We walk and trek without slowing down

And no one to be seen

My brisk walk brings me to a ravine

The water rushes through as if it has somewhere to be

And I smile and begin to leave for my day of hiking is almost done

I retire with the sun

For the next morning I’ll go out again with and old friend, the mountain


Light snow flutters
The Fire chrickle crackles as you sigh
A long day of playing in the snow ends
Hot chocolate steams as you warm your hands
The cold wind bluster through the trees
Winter wonderland


I look at the stars crisp in the night sky,
Siting on the tailgate laughing,
Counting the endless constellations,
As the silent wind whispers through the trees,
Small hills surrounding us quiver in the night
Chilly air biting at us,
Quiet hum of the truck sitting on the hill,