An Open Letter to America Singer

Dear America Singer,

I think that you are a great character in the Selection, but I think that you need to choose Maxon, not Aspen. I like Maxon 1000 percent better. Sometimes, to me, Aspen gets *in the way* a little bit of you and Maxon. Don’t choose Aspen, choose Maxon.

Maxon Reasons for You
Maxon is the obvious choice because he has way more to offer for you than Aspen, and he clearly likes you a lot better than the other girls in the competition. He thinks that you are stronger, tougher, and more ready for the job than anyone. Also, he clearly loves you.

Aspen Reasons Not for You
Aspen is weird to me. He yelled at you when you tried to give him food because he felt bad that he couldn’t give you food. Then he broke up with you and followed you to the Selection as a guard and got a job in the palace to see if you would forgive him. This was all when you were trying to get over him and were competing for Maxon.

Maxon Reasons Again
I know that Maxon *dates* all the other girls too and that makes you uncomfortable but that is the point of the Selection. For him to choose a wife. That is the only way for him to do it because he is the prince.

America, I know that you like Maxon a lot, and you still have Aspen on your mind. You have to pick Maxon. He is your soulmate and the right choice for you.


Summer Vacation

Summer is by far, my favorite time of the year. Spring break is great, Christmas break is great, but summer is unbeatable. There are so many great things about summer.

The warm air, the vacations, not having school for more than just two or three weeks but almost a whole three months. Every single summer my family and I drive up to Canada. It takes three days and it’s a lot with my two older siblings bugging me and a dog drooling on me, but the trip is worth it. We go up to see the rest of my family. I’m not from Canada, but my grandmother is so we have a cottage. It is the most beautiful places ever. We usually spend all day outside. The weather is like heaven. It is like Texas’s spring but minus the allergies and the humidity. It’s also right on Lake Huron, so we go swimming everyday. It is my favorite place in the world.

I love summer vacation. Complain all you want about the heat, I like the heat better than the cold. We only have a month before school is out and I can’t wait!

Never Give Up

There will be a lot of times in your life where you will want to give up. Does that mean that you should? There are too many opportunities that you will have missed if you give up.

If you miss the winning shot, do you give up? If you go to a job interview and you don’t get it, do you give up? If you miss a qualifying time, do you give up? NO! You get right back up, and approach the situation a new way, understanding why you missed it. Otherwise, how will you learn from your mistakes?

Do you really want to be that person that misses the winning shot then—just like that— quits? Missing that shot should motivate you to stick with your friends and win the game for them next season. Otherwise, you’ll lose your friends, and your sport. Can you imagine your friends at school chattering about that awesome game last weekend. You, meanwhile, were at home regretting you weren’t there, thinking about how that could have been you. It’s not worth the sorrow and the pain to give up.

You may think it will put off the burden of working or going to practice; however, within a month you’ll have an even bigger burden of regret. You will be wishing you would have kept going. If you give up, you will regret it for the rest of your life.

This essay is practice for the STARR test coming up. I revised it and I wanted to see what my readers thought. Comment what you think (if you want.)

Why I Think Our School Shouldn’t Have Dress Code

Do you think that dress code should be at schools? I don’t. I hate dress code. I think that it is unnecessary.

If you come to school in something that totally shows everything, I understand that you can’t do that, but if you come to school in athletic shorts? I know you can come to school in athletic shorts but they have to be beyond finger tip length. Be honest, who is going to wear athletic shorts that go down so low, you can hardly move in them. It’s not fair to girls.

The reason that I’m only explaining that it’s hard for girls is because I know there is a dress code for boys, but it’s like two things which is what they wold wear anyway. Boys this age aren’t going to wear man tanks to school. They’re probably never going to wear short shorts either.

By having a dress code you’re taking away mainly girls regular day to day clothing. Your not doing that to guys! I don’t think that dress code should be a thing at all!

Are You a Perfectionist?

Do you think setting high standards for yourself is positive or can it cause concern?

I think that is positive and negative. If you set a high standard for yourself, you should always be striving to get that goal. If you don’t achieve the goal you get upset, but then you get over it. You don’t beat yourself up about it.

It would be a positive if you set a standard for yourself and if you don’t achieve it, you learn from why you didn’t achieve the goal. Then, the next day, you get back out there and you work even harder.

It would be a negative if you have a high standard, and not get it and totally beat yourself up about it. If you can’t let it go, it’s not good. If you don’t achieve the goal, you should get mad and you work even harder to achieve it. You don’t sit in your sorrow forever.

In conclusion, I think that this topic can have many different answers. It really just depends. Comment what you think about this topic.


The Phantom’s Lair

Violence, aggravation, darkness surrounds me. When I hear her voice, I can only think about how I don’t have her. She does not praise me.

She does not love me.

When she is with Raoul, it reminds me how alone I am. I sit down on my throw on my throne thinking. Thinking of revenge. I WILL LET THEM THINK THAT I AM GONE NO LONGER. I will dress up in all red to represent blood, suffering, anger. They will feel the power. The skull as my mask will represent death.

I will get my revenge. My revenge will be more to just Christine or the opera house, it will be to the WORLD! They show me NO compassion, I show them NO compassion.

The pain surrounds me so the pain will surround them. They will see no light. They will no longer be happy. NO MORE LIGHT! NO MORE HAPPINESS!

Christine, Christine. I need Christine. I will win her over. I will get her to love me. If I don’t, Raoul will no longer see the light of day.

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year! I can’t wait until Christmas. In my one of my previous blog posts, I said that Thanksgiving was one of my favorite holidays and that is because Christmas is by far the best!

This year my aunt is coming in all the way from Canada! I only get to see her once a year. I also get to see my two cousins. One of them is three and the other is one. I can’t wait! It’s going to be a handful because of how young they are but I’m sure it will all work out.

I LOVE everything about Christmas! I love the food, family gathering, and I especially love how we get a whole two weeks off of school! It is the BEST THING EVER! I am excited to wake up, have a big breakfast, and open all the presents. I have a good feeling that this Christmas is going to be the best Christmas EVER!

White Dream

White Dream

I drag myself out of bed on Christmas Day,
And as I’m tiredly making my way downstairs,
I glance out the window.

I throw my head back to see if what I just thought I saw was true.
It would be a miracle if it snowed in Austin!
Could it be?
Could this really be a miracle?

I call my whole family down to see if this fantasy is true.
Snowball fights!

Then suddenly, it all stopped.

I wake up trying to get this fairy tale back,
Look outside, and it was all gone.
No snow.
No snowball fights.
No snowmen.

My fantasy White Christmas was gone.
My white dream,
Had vanished.


Authors Note
In this draft, I experimented with trying to use different punctuation so that my reader could understand the drama in the poem. I tried to start out in the poem with a sleepy feel as you can probably tell, but then I tried to make the poem uplifting. Then at the end you could feel the emotion about it just being a dream. My first draft was in my notebook, but when I started to copy it into a doc and read it aloud, I realized I needed to find a more dramatic word choice to make my reader understand how tired I was in the beginning of the poem. I didn’t add rhyme in my poem because when I read a poem with rhyme, it usually creates a happy mood to me which is not what I was going for in this poem.
By: Grace


Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, and its coming up FAST. I love all of the vibes of Thanksgiving: the food, family coming over, giving thanks, all of it.

For Thanksgiving, my mom makes the BEST food ever. My mom is buying a turkey from Whole Foods pre-cooked, so that all that we have to do is warm it up. We are still having all the other good stuff like the mashed potatoes, green beans, cranberries, bread rolls, and don’t forget dessert. I am so excited to basically get in a food-coma because it’s so good, I can never actually stop eating.

I also love having family over. This year, my grandfather is coming over and I’m so excited. He comes every year.

Thanksgiving is about giving thanks, as you know, so I’m going to talk about what I’m thankful for. I’m thankful for my friends, family, and I thought of a new thing to be thankful for which is that I’m not allergic to any foods. Even though I’m allergic to a lot of other things, I don’t know what I would do if I was allergic to food.

Comment (if you want) what you like about Thanksgiving.