Swimming is by far my absolute favorite sport. As much fun as watching other sports is, swimming is the best.

I am a competitive swimmer and I swim for Lost Creek Aquatics. Swimming is a very hard sport to learn and the practices are death, but I have a lot of fun.

Photo by: Pixabay CCO

Some people say that swimming is not a contact sport which I understand what they are saying. It’s not like football where everyone is tackled or like hockey when you get into a fight but you can still get injured from swimming. If you aren’t careful you can hit your head on the wall or your hand can hit the lane line. But the worst injury that you can get is in meet warmup when it is every man for themself. The lanes in meet warmup get super full and then some people grab your ankles and pull you backwards, even if you can’t go any faster because there is a whole entire swim team in front of you. I know that swimming doesn’t seem like a contact sport but trust me sometimes, it is.

The reason that I also love swimming so much is that your teammates become your family. When the practices are so hard your teammates are the people that help you get through it because they are all doing the same exact thing as you. I love swimming and the people that help me get through it.

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  1. I agree with you swimming is by far the best sport. I am also on a competitive swim team and I agree you think you are going to die during each practice but you don’t and it’s really nice when all your teammates are like family.

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