Is There Any Benefit To Reading Books You Hate?

Is there any benefits to reading books you hate? In my opinion, there is no benefit to reading books that you are not going to enjoy.

I understand that reading is good for your brain, but why read if you aren’t going to enjoy what you’re reading? It doesn’t make any since!

I know that teachers want you to learn about these myths but, why can’t we just read books that we like. Then if we are supposed to have a quiz on the book, then they just ask us to write a summary, or they ask us who are the main characters and what are their conflicts.

I love reading a book that I will actually enjoy. In my opinion, if I am reading a book that doesn’t catch me in the first chapter, then in the rest of the book I just get lost.

I hope that one day, teachers will consider letting their students read the books that they want to read.

3 thoughts on “Is There Any Benefit To Reading Books You Hate?

  1. I agree,why read books you hate. Also, in my class sometimes they give you a list of books to choose from so you’re not reading a book you absolutely hate. So we get to choose, sometimes.

  2. What if the texts are informational and they are needed if you want to pass a text or class?

  3. I agree if I am reading a book that I dislike very much I can’t follow and I don’t always want to read. I am a big reader but I can’t read the book I dislike it to much.

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