Swim Meet

This past weekend I had a swim meet. It was fun and I did pretty good. I dropped time in almost all most all of my events.

The hardest thing about the swim meet was doing the 200 fly, getting out, switching lanes, then doing the 100 back. In both of those things I added time, but it’s alright. I had what felt like .2 seconds between each thing. It was quite hard, but I survived. The same thing happened again with my 200 back and the 100 free, but this time I surprised myself. I dropped 4 seconds in the 200 back and like .1 in the 100 free, which I know doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is for a 100 free so I’m happy with it.

Over all I had a pretty good meet this past weekend and I was happy with it. It was the first meet of the season so I think I did alright. I enjoyed sharing how I did on the swim meet last weekend with you guys!


7 thoughts on “Swim Meet

  1. Great job on your swim meet! It’s great that you did so well. How long have you been swimming?


  2. Wow that must have been hard having only a couple of seconds to your next event, I hate when that happens to me, and yet you still dropped time in your 100 free and 200 back.

  3. Wow! Ok so… I’m Caroline and I’m a swimmer too, and I have to say… 200 FLY??? I would die if I did that!!! You must be a great distance swimmer. Anyways, congratulations on dropping time! Even dropping .1 second is great, trust me, swimmers would understand!!

  4. Hi I’m Isabel and I am not a swimmer but I sometimes like to swim for fun and it’s not that much and I still get tired but swimming that much would make me die if I tried. Anyways hope you have the best life for swim. Wish you the best in all of your swim meets.

  5. Hey Grace, I really like how you were elaborate in your thoughts. I also really like how there was a lot of imagery to describe your surrounding. That is really cool that you swim.

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