The Phantom’s Lair

Violence, aggravation, darkness surrounds me. When I hear her voice, I can only think about how I don’t have her. She does not praise me.

She does not love me.

When she is with Raoul, it reminds me how alone I am. I sit down on my throw on my throne thinking. Thinking of revenge. I WILL LET THEM THINK THAT I AM GONE NO LONGER. I will dress up in all red to represent blood, suffering, anger. They will feel the power. The skull as my mask will represent death.

I will get my revenge. My revenge will be more to just Christine or the opera house, it will be to the WORLD! They show me NO compassion, I show them NO compassion.

The pain surrounds me so the pain will surround them. They will see no light. They will no longer be happy. NO MORE LIGHT! NO MORE HAPPINESS!

Christine, Christine. I need Christine. I will win her over. I will get her to love me. If I don’t, Raoul will no longer see the light of day.