Are You a Perfectionist?

Do you think setting high standards for yourself is positive or can it cause concern?

I think that is positive and negative. If you set a high standard for yourself, you should always be striving to get that goal. If you don’t achieve the goal you get upset, but then you get over it. You don’t beat yourself up about it.

It would be a positive if you set a standard for yourself and if you don’t achieve it, you learn from why you didn’t achieve the goal. Then, the next day, you get back out there and you work even harder.

It would be a negative if you have a high standard, and not get it and totally beat yourself up about it. If you can’t let it go, it’s not good. If you don’t achieve the goal, you should get mad and you work even harder to achieve it. You don’t sit in your sorrow forever.

In conclusion, I think that this topic can have many different answers. It really just depends. Comment what you think about this topic.


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