Summer Vacation

Summer is by far, my favorite time of the year. Spring break is great, Christmas break is great, but summer is unbeatable. There are so many great things about summer.

The warm air, the vacations, not having school for more than just two or three weeks but almost a whole three months. Every single summer my family and I drive up to Canada. It takes three days and it’s a lot with my two older siblings bugging me and a dog drooling on me, but the trip is worth it. We go up to see the rest of my family. I’m not from Canada, but my grandmother is so we have a cottage. It is the most beautiful places ever. We usually spend all day outside. The weather is like heaven. It is like Texas’s spring but minus the allergies and the humidity. It’s also right on Lake Huron, so we go swimming everyday. It is my favorite place in the world.

I love summer vacation. Complain all you want about the heat, I like the heat better than the cold. We only have a month before school is out and I can’t wait!

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