An Open Letter to America Singer

Dear America Singer,

I think that you are a great character in the Selection, but I think that you need to choose Maxon, not Aspen. I like Maxon 1000 percent better. Sometimes, to me, Aspen gets *in the way* a little bit of you and Maxon. Don’t choose Aspen, choose Maxon.

Maxon Reasons for You
Maxon is the obvious choice because he has way more to offer for you than Aspen, and he clearly likes you a lot better than the other girls in the competition. He thinks that you are stronger, tougher, and more ready for the job than anyone. Also, he clearly loves you.

Aspen Reasons Not for You
Aspen is weird to me. He yelled at you when you tried to give him food because he felt bad that he couldn’t give you food. Then he broke up with you and followed you to the Selection as a guard and got a job in the palace to see if you would forgive him. This was all when you were trying to get over him and were competing for Maxon.

Maxon Reasons Again
I know that Maxon *dates* all the other girls too and that makes you uncomfortable but that is the point of the Selection. For him to choose a wife. That is the only way for him to do it because he is the prince.

America, I know that you like Maxon a lot, and you still have Aspen on your mind. You have to pick Maxon. He is your soulmate and the right choice for you.


1 thought on “An Open Letter to America Singer

  1. America, Maxon, Aspen–I think I need to read this book just for the unusual character names!

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