White Dream

White Dream

I drag myself out of bed on Christmas Day,
And as I’m tiredly making my way downstairs,
I glance out the window.

I throw my head back to see if what I just thought I saw was true.
It would be a miracle if it snowed in Austin!
Could it be?
Could this really be a miracle?

I call my whole family down to see if this fantasy is true.
Snowball fights!

Then suddenly, it all stopped.

I wake up trying to get this fairy tale back,
Look outside, and it was all gone.
No snow.
No snowball fights.
No snowmen.

My fantasy White Christmas was gone.
My white dream,
Had vanished.


Authors Note
In this draft, I experimented with trying to use different punctuation so that my reader could understand the drama in the poem. I tried to start out in the poem with a sleepy feel as you can probably tell, but then I tried to make the poem uplifting. Then at the end you could feel the emotion about it just being a dream. My first draft was in my notebook, but when I started to copy it into a doc and read it aloud, I realized I needed to find a more dramatic word choice to make my reader understand how tired I was in the beginning of the poem. I didn’t add rhyme in my poem because when I read a poem with rhyme, it usually creates a happy mood to me which is not what I was going for in this poem.
By: Grace