Tips for Incoming Middle Schoolers/7th Graders

Since summer is coming so soon, I think it’s time to help up and coming 7th graders and middle schoolers in general.

1. Be nice to everyone, stay out of gossip. This one is super important. I wish that I would have followed it more! It really helps you create a great self image and makes you a better person.

2. Join lots of clubs and do lots of things around the school! This will help you meet a great variety of people and you will see things you like and don’t like.

3. 7th graders–make sure to do all the sports you can. You will, again, see what you enjoy and what you don’t (plus you’ll get to leave school early sometimes!)

4. Make sure to always do your homework and listen to your teachers. Teachers will only help you and if you pay attention, listen, and take in what your teachers are saying, you are bound to have an amazing year and your grades will be OUTSTANDING!

5. Don’t take classes you don’t want to take just cause your friends are taking them. This will make you miserable throughout the year because you don’t want to do it. You could end up failing just because you were bored out of your mind!

6. If you aren’t ready to take an AP class, don’t take it. Again, you’ll end up being miserable because you’re confused and don’t understand the material, please, go see your counselor to see what your options are to switching classes.

7. If you’re struggling in class, ask your teacher for help!
This one is SO important! If you don’t understand how to do something, go see your teacher during Wildcat Time or their off period! They will help you as much as possible!

8. If you have problems with other students or anyone at all, see the counselor or talk to an adult.
Another very important one!! This can help you so much. Counselors will help you come up with ways to end the problem, or bring in the other person/people you’re having a problem with and help you!

I really hope that these tips help you! Good luck with the next school year and have fun!


Poetry has never really been my favorite thing to read, at all. I also do not really like writing poetry because it confuses me and it is somewhat hard.

The only poems I like to read are by Shel Silverstein. My favorite poem by him is The Loser .
I do not really know why I like it but I do. I always thought it was good, funny, and silly.

Shel Silverstein is a very good poet and he has many poems. If you are looking for good and funny poems, I recommend his books. He has multiple books FILLED with poems!

I really recommend Shel Silverstein even though I am not a huge fan of poetry. If you like reading and writing poetry then good for you!

Four Things To Do In Austin, Texas!

If you’re looking for adventure, fun and culture, you should consider visiting Austin, Texas! Austin has so many fun and awesome things to do, eat and see! I’d like to tell you some!

Austin City Limits:

Austin City Limits (ACL) is a music festival in Zilker Park. During ACL, many people visit from all over! ACL has a wide range of music genres, including: rock, indie, country, folk, rap, and electronic. There is something for everyone!


One thing Austin is known for is its food. You can find many great Mexican restaurants like Maudie’s, all day breakfast and lots of other food like Magnolia’s Cafe, donut places like Gourdough’s Donuts or Voodoo Donuts and many more!


In summer, many people go to the Austin Congress Bridge to watch the bats! Nightly, hundreds of bats emerge from under the bridge! Learn more here!


In Austin, there are soo many great and fun things to do outside!

Some include: Hamilton Pool: a gorgeous spring to swim in on hot summer days! Krause Springs, a great place to hang out with the family, take pictures and swim!  Zilker Park, home of Austin City Limits with a great place to watch plays and the sunset!

I really hope you decide to come visit Austin and enjoy everything it has to offer. No matter what you are bound to have an amazing time!




Cheerleading Is a Sport!

Lots of people think that cheerleading isn’t a sport. But, let me tell you, they are very wrong.

Cheerleading is one of many really hard sports. Some people say it’s not a sport, but chances are, they’ve never actually tried it. I doubt they even know there’s 2 types of cheerleading!

Allstar cheerleaders (competition cheerleading) work longer, harder, and more than your average football player. Allstar cheerleaders spend 3-12 hours in a hot gym with 100 other people in it, 2-5 times a week!

Also, there’s sideline cheer. They usually cheer for basketball or football games for a school. They practice every morning and afternoon to remember cheers and when to do them! Allstar cheerleaders travel around the state (sometimes even out of the state) to competitions 2-4 times a month!

The point is, we all work hard. I believe cheer should be recognized as a sport. We work just as hard and love our sport just as much as any other athlete.


This April, I’m taking a trip to Columbia, Missouri! My brother is a senior at Mizzou college and I get to go watch his senior show!

I have never been to Missouri before, so I’m really excited. I hope it’s not boring! I think that would be a huge let down. I doubt it will be boring because I’ll be able to see my brother!

Missouri seems like a cool place. Maybe when I’m older, I’ll go to Mizzou just like my brother! All I really know about the college is that they have an AMAZING journalism school! I’m not very into journalism, but maybe I’ll start liking it more in the future.

I hope that my brother has some really fun things planned for us and that I have a great time!


I love traveling so much! I think that no matter where you go, you can always find something beautiful about the place.

The one place I have always wanted to go is Jamaica! I have only seen pictures of Jamaica, but I know that if I went to Jamaica, I could find and photograph hundreds of things I found beautiful there.

I don’t leave Texas quite often, so I’ve found plenty of beautiful things here. From the graffiti to the sunsets, there’s so much to enjoy.

Texas isn’t my favorite place at ALL. I like beaches during summer and snow during winter. Beaches in Texas aren’t all that great. I enjoy going to Destin, Florida to enjoy the white sand beaches!

I wish I could travel all the time!
“If traveling was free, you’d never see me again.”- Anonymous


I love music! I think it’s great and there’s so many different types of music, so there’s something for everyone! I’ve been to multiple concerts in my life, and most of them were great! So I’ve decided to tell you about some.

Eric Church (Wednesday March 4,2015): I had so so much fun at this concert! It was his Outsiders tour. This concert, was not my favorite.. but I did have a great time! I found out I think 2 days later that I had the flu while I was at the concert! Not very fun, trust me!

Lady Antebellum, Hunter Hayes, Sam Hunt (July 16th, 2015): This concert was amazing! I went with my sister, and it was Lady Antebellum’s Wheels Up Tour! She had Sam Hunt and Hunter Hayes play before her, and it was crazy fun!!


I’m not sure if people consider this a “concert” but I went to about 7 bands/singers there!
Here’s a list of the people I saw!:
Twenty One Pilots
A$AP Rocky
The Weeknd

I had so much fun at all of these!!

Gossip Girl

Recently, I’ve been obsessing over the show Gossip Girl. I have to admit I’ve stayed up pretty late watching it.

I think the character Serena Van Der Woodsen is my favorite. She makes life in New York sound so cool and fun!!

I feel like it would be a little creepy too, there’s a website called gossip girl in the upper east side. Basically, Gossip Girl gets everyone to send in “tips” that she posts and makes sure the whole town knows. Usually when she gets a tip, there’s a picture along with the tip.

I’m currently on season 5, and I cannot stop watching!! It’s crazy how they live and how some of them own planes and helicopters! Sometimes, they hop on their plane or helicopter and go to France!! I recommend this show a lot!!

My Birthday

My birthday was on November 29th. That day I went downtown with 3 friends.

First, we went to the “I Love You So Much” sign. After that, we went to the capital where we saw maybe 200 people protesting outside the capital!!

Then we went to the Castle Hill Graffiti Park. There, we climbed up a really muddy hill, added some graffiti and took pictures of the view at the top and of the graffiti we added.

Last, we went to Shake Shack. Shake Shack is a restaurant with burgers and obviously, shakes. I got my birthday gifts then too!! I got Kendra Scott earrings, $20 and an iTunes gift card.

Overall, I had an amazing birthday!!