Book Review-Eragon


Eragon is a book written by Christopher Paolini in 2002. This book is about Eragon, a farm boy who finds a mysterious stone in a mountain range called The Spine while he was hunting. It turns out later on, that the stone is actually a dragon egg that hatches into a dragon Eragon names Sapphira, after a story told by Brom, the town’s storyteller. Soon, some strangers called the Ra’zac show up looking for the egg. They are agents of the king, who is largely regarded as a tyrant and rules with an iron fist. Frightened by the Ra’zac, Sapphira kidnaps Eragon and heads to the Spine. When Eragon finally convinces Sapphira to return to his uncle, who he lives with. He returns to find his uncle dead and his farm burned down. Eragon was broken and thirsty for revenge, so he decides to leave Carvahall. Brom travels with him, and it turns out he is a magician. Together they travel the country seeking the Ra’zac and vengeance.

Eldest Book Review


Eldest is a book written by Christopher Paolini. It is the sequel to Eragon and the second book in the inheritance cycle.

    Eldest takes place in the continent of Algaesia, and the main character, Eragon, moves a lot during the book. It starts in the mountains, in a dwarf city called Tronjheim. There, the dwarves and the Varden, a group that works to see the king overthrown, have just won a huge battle after the events of the first book. He then travels to the forest of Du Weldenvarden to continue his training as a dragon rider with the elves.

    Eldest is mainly about Eragon’s training and development of his abilities. He trains under another rider named Oromis, who is weak in body but great in mind. After his battle in Tronjheim, he has a massive scar on his back that racks his body with pain constantly. When he goes to the elves, the training gets harder every day and leaves Eragon scared of when his next attack will be. He spends a great deal of time meditating and focusing on the things around him with magic, as instructed by his teacher. Finally, news spreads that the king Galbatorix’s forces are marching to crush the Varden, once and for all. Eragon must cut his training short and face the battle ahead of him. Terrifying secrets ensue throughout the battle…

    I liked this book a lot. It’s hard to describe the events of the book without giving spoilers. There’s not really anything I bad I can say about it. The character development of Eragon throughout the book was very well written. I think the conflict between Eragon and Arya, an elf, is one of the best parts of the book.