Six flags

Last Friday on the 28th the band, orchestra and choir students in seventh and eighth grade went to six flags. However before we got there we had to preform at a competition. In our band program we have three different bands: Concert, Symphonic and Wind Ensemble. I am in Symphonic. All of the bands got an excellent rating and a trophy. Wind Ensemble won best overall.

Now for the fun stuff. When the bus I was in got to Six Flags it was 12:10 and we were going to leave at 5:30 so we had 6 hours and twenty minutes at the park. When I got there my friends were there waiting for me and they dragged me to the poltergeist then they wanted to go on the batman but I did not so while they went on it I had Cold Stone ice cream instead. There were two water rides open and we went on both on the bugs bunny water rapids my feet got soaked so to dry them off we went on the whirligig and took off out shoes and socks.

We also went on the train ride, got lost in the place for little kids and went in all of the stores and got candy.

I had a wonderful time in Six Flags and can’t wait for next year!




Recently I have been wanting to get a computer or laptop that I could use for Adobe Animate, Photoshop and other things. I started looking for a good laptop that could get Animate and Photoshop but only the MacBook would work and it was too expensive.

Then I began to look for a desktop computer and I came to a good one: A PC. I told my dad and then he said “let’s go to Fry’s (an electronic store) so we can get the parts for you to build it.” When we got to Fry’s we wandered around until we found the PC cases and parts. My dad asked a person who worked there what we should get that would make a good PC and the guy went around with showing us all of the parts.

Then he went to his computer and started getting all of the party that he thought we should get for the PC. The guy said that he would go get all of the pieces of the PC and that we could walk around the store or come back another day. We also needed phone chargers so we walked around and found some then we came back and he had all of the parts in a cart so we could go to the checkout.

That was on Tuesday of last week and we finished the PC on Sunday but we put in one more piece on Tuesday. I loved making the PC(It wasn’t hard at all-just putting in screws and connecting wires). Now I am waiting for a desk my dad ordered for my room so I can actually use it.

Solo and Ensemble

On Saturday the 1st the WRMS and HCMS band students were at Hill Country Middle School for Solo and Ensemble. Solo and Ensemble Is where you have a solo (a song played by yourself) and an ensemble (a song where you have a group with other people).

You get different ratings for how you do. Excellent is the best followed by Good then, Fair and then there is Needs Improvement. I got an Excellent on both my solo and ensemble. When you get an excellent you get a cool ribbon so I want to get an excellent every year I do it.

I love solo and ensemble because you get to learn and hear cool music.


I am trying out to be in the NJHS (National Junior Honors Society). To apply you need to write an essay. This is my essay:

I will motivate students to be involved in service activities by telling them why it is important to do them– it will make them a better person and they are doing something good for people in need.

Also I will help maintain enthusiasm among my fellow members by sharing service ideas. The ideas I will bring to the other members are: helping out with Mobile Loaves and Fishes (MLF) and Blue Santa. I have done both of these activities and they were very fun and rewarding. A couple of weeks ago I planted some honeysuckle vines along the fence next to the garden in MLF to help in the pollination process. I will also research other service projects to do in Austin.

In January I got an All Star award for math and my teacher expressed “I am super proud to teach a young man that works so hard toward his math goals”. I play golf and I am going to try out to be on the West Ridge Middle School golf team. I played golf on the Lost Creek Junior team for the past two years (but I have been playing since I was six). I also play the trombone in the West Ridge Middle School Symphonic band. Last year for “solo and ensemble competition” my partner and I won an award for best ensemble duo. I want to be in the Westlake marching band.

I will be honored to be in the National Junior Honors Society.

Teen skills

Teen skills is a class that you can take in middle school. You learn to cook, sew, bake and much more. Every week you make some type of food. The first week we made sticky buns- a marshmallow wrapped in a crescent roll covered in cinnamon and sugar. It was so good! Then, we made cookie cakes wich were absolutely amazing. Last week we made crepes. This week we are making pizza! My piece is just going to have pepperoni. Next week, for Valentine’s Day we are going to make cupcakes! Everybody will get three. There are certain jobs that people do and we switch every week. The jobs are: head chef, assistant chef, table setter and dishwasher. This week I am the head chef so I get to make the pizza! I love teen skills because I have friends in that class and it is seventh period.

For some days we need to get something ready the day before like for the cookie cakes we mixed all of the dry ingredients except for the brown sugar and put them in a plastic bag because the cookie cake needed thirteen minutes to bake. The same goes for today- we are going to make the dough today and actually make the pizza tomorrow. Overall I really like teen skills and if you haven’t taken it you should.

Steven Universe

I love Steven Universe. It is my favorite TV show. For the past few days there have been five new episodes and that is great because the last new episode was on December first.

There will be a new episode on February 10th, 17th and the 24th. The website I use to find out when the next Steven Universe episode will be is always right. Even though it is a Wikipedia page it you click the little pencil in the corner it will say:  This page is protected to prevent vandalism.

The show on the 10th is called The New Crystal Gems
The show on the 17th is called Storm in the Room
The show on the 24th is called Rocknaldo
I can’t wait! Especially since the 10th is a week away.

Wizarding World of Harry Potter

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is great. During winter break I got to go the one in California.

First my family and I went on this ride that had the the longest line in the world. The line started in front oh the Hogwarts castle and zig-zagged everywhere, it was like a maze. Every time you thought that you were almost at the the front there was more line. The total time we waited was FIVE HOURS. The ride was one of these rides where you sit in a seat and it moves you back and forth- like hyperspace mountain in Disney land (I also went there). It was pretty cool. I’d say it was almost worth the long line.

Next we want to Honeyduckes and I got a Chocolate Frog and Bertie Botts Every Favor Beans. Then I went to get a wand but the wait at Ollivanders was an hour and 20 minutes so my sister found this little wand stand and I got Harry’s wand. After that we were going to leave to go around the other places in universal studios but I wanted to try Butterbeer so we found a stand but since I got the wand and candy I couldn’t get it, but my brother and sister did. My sister liked it but thankfully my brother didn’t so he gave me his! It was super good.

I absolutely loved the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and I would definitely go again.



The Phantom of the Opera

For the past week, in class we have been reading the play script for The Phantom of the Opera.

It is about a dancer named Christine who gets cast lead role in the play after the original lead strangely quits. This is because of the phantom who has been coaching Christine on the lead part of the play.

My favorite song is either Masquerade or Angel of Music. I like how the lyrics in masquerade went with what was happening.

Winter break

This Christmas I will be going to California to go to the rose parade.
If you don’t know what the rose parade is it is a parade with marching bands and the floats are made of roses.

The parade is for the big football game with Penn State against a team I forgot. The reason I’m going is because the Westlake marching band is going to be in the parade and my sister is in the band. We are going to stay for a week and I’m not going to be in school for the first day back. My mom is happy about the game because she went to Penn State and is in the alumni. At first she couldn’t get tickets because in the first five minutes the game sold out, but one of my dads friends got tickets for us (my dad, mom, brother and me) my sister won’t go because she is going to be at the beach with the band people.

I can’t wait for winter break to come so I can go to California. I have only been in California once when I was little but I don’t remember anything except that I found a little dolphin stuffed animal and I kept it (I don’t know where it is now). But I also remember that I had a good time and I can’t wait for another one.


Harry Potter
I love Harry Potter
And how Hermione’s patronus is an Otter
and how Ron’s is a Jack Russell Terrier
Dementors make the books scarier
Hermione made the biggest sacrifice of all
To make sure her parents would not fall
She said “ Obliviate!”
So her parents wouldn’t die a terrible fate
Hermione hated Hagrid’s teaching and didn’t like it
Harry did
Xenophilius turned the three of them in for his kid
Why did Dobby die
I felt tears come to my eyes
It made me cry

Authors note:
I wrote this poem because I like Harry Potter and I want this to have a nice tone.
I included the stanza about Hermione because I don’t she doesn’t get enough recognition for what she did. I have alliteration and rhyming. I hope this affects the reader by if they haven’t read Harry Potter then they can read it.

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