Tiger Woods

The book I’m going to write about is a Tiger Woods biography. The book starts with the childhood of his parents. Which than leads to how they met and what led up to Tigers birth. But what really convinced his dad to have a child was how he had been recently introduced to the game of golf, by a friend who was in the Navy with him. So when he first experienced it he obsessed over it. And so he thought if he had  a child he could turn him into a golf prodigy.

In Tiger’s childhood he had hours of practice a day every day. He only did school and golf. He did not have a choice but his father pushed him so hard he got to a point where he didn’t mind the sport.

By the time he reached high school he had one so many junior tournaments that his house had  hundreds of trophies. Tiger loved the trophies. Anyway though he was an upcoming star. He already had colleges eyeing him. He even had been mentioned Golf Digest and People Magizine. This all sounds cool though at school know one knew this. He was a nobody in school.

By the time he had to choose a college, he had his heart set for Las Vegas State. For which didn’t happpen because like much of his life his parents controlled him and told him what to do. So when his parents told him Stanford he had no choice.

Through his college years he won many team and individual tournaments. Most impressive though his 3 straight junior U.S. amateurs which set the record for U.S. amateurs won straight beating 2.

By his pro career he had won two tournaments in his first 7. Winning his first Masters in 1997. When he first signed with Nike, it was the biggest sports deal in history. Topping Michael Jordan’s with Nike to.

By his mid career he was one of the most popular athletes in the world. Being named sports illustrated athlete of the year multiple times. Tiger had already won many majors.

When the U.S. Open rolled around in 2008, he had had already many knee surgeries. His opponents knew had just came off of an knee cyst surgery. But none of them knew that he had an completely torn ACL and broken leg. But Woods has over the years hidden so many injuries, extreme pain wasn’t a problem. But he had never felt pain like this. Despite the injuries, he still won the tournament in a 90 hole total tournament. With the regular 4 round 72 hole tournament and an 18 hole playoff round. That was his final major win in his career.



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