Advice For 7th Graders

Travis and I have came up with some things to consider for your upcoming 7th grade year.

First of all, if you are taking athletics, always bring your uniform. Coach Graeber will make you do push ups. All of the coaches look for anyone who is not in uniform. It is best if you just bring your uniform every day. Do not take Latin! It is way too stressful and is not useful in anyway. Take Spanish. It has more uses where you live. It may be hard, but in the long run it is worth it. Rig your locker. It may be “against the rules” but it saves time. Always do your homework in wildcat time. It may sound terrible, but I do it in wildcat time and I never have homework at home. EVER. Stay out of classes that don’t seem great. You will have to stick with it the whole year.

Here are something that we have told you to keep away from. Good Luck…

Summer Is Near!

Yes, Summer is approaching. It’s the time that all of us students get to let ourselves free. ┬áNo homework, no projects, nothing to worry about. For me, this year has gone by REALLY fast. It felt like the other day we had Christmas Vacation. Surprisingly, I have heard that 7th grade is the hardest year, so I thought it was going to take forever. If this is going to be the hardest year, this isn’t too bad.

Summer Vacation is also one thing that we all look forward to. It’s the time that we all get to go somewhere nice with our families. Are you going anywhere cool this summer? I hope you are.

Anyway, we only have one more stretch and then were in the fun season. Hang on were almost there!


Lost Innocence

Michaela Remmel

Wind whistling,
Snow glistening,
We try not to,
But we’re all listening.

Loud screams,
Bad dreams,
It’s very far,
But close it seems.

Sad day,
Lost our way,
All we can do,
Is simply pray.

Innocence gone,
Life no longer long,
We may not know,
But we’re all doing wrong.

Joy lost,
The Holocaust,
We look to see,
Hearts covered in frost.

Wars fought,
Sins taught,
Making mistakes,
Hoping not to be caught.

Not taking blame,
Pushing for fame,
As advanced as we are,
We’re still all untamed.

Too much pride,
Needing a guide,
We will deny it,
But behind lies we hide.

Hurting others,
Betraying brother,
Many forgetting,
To appreciate mothers.

Lies are fed,
Filling heart and head,
Through all of these years,
Innocent blood has been shed.

Children abandoned,
Lonely and stranded,
We’re all wasting the life
That we have been handed.

Taking from the poor,
We’re loving no more,
Fight to be free,
End up starting a war.

People starting fights,
No longer enjoying the sights,
While mere mortals are taking
Our God given rights.

Soldiers killed,
Void can’t be filled,
Pay close attention,
For pure souls have been tilled.

Need to find peace,
Work together like geese,
But greatest of all,
The hate needs to cease.


Pixabay CCo

This poem I can really relate with. It really shows how life doesn’t always go your way. Also, it shows how much this world has changed over the years. People just keep getting more rude, less careful, and much more. All of the things that this world has come to are expressed into this poem. Michaela Remmel did an amazing job with this poem.

Three Ski Mountains You Have To Visit Before You Die

Skiing is a hobby for many people in America. You get a break from home, an adrenaline rush, and loads of fun. These ski mountains can be enjoyable for the beginner, intermediate, or die-hard skier. Take a look at this list.




Taos is overall an amazing mountain. It has some of the most challenging terrain in North America. If you’re a beginner, stay at the bottom. Taos is known for its hard trails and a great experience. Go check it out, you’ll be surprised with this beautiful mountain.






Crested Butte is an astonishing mountain. On the right, there is a wide variety of trails for beginners and intermediates. If you know what you’re doing, head over to the right. Hard trails and a challenge are waiting for you.







Telluride is hardcore. When they say its a black, they aren’t joking. The mountain is filled with hard trails and beautiful scenery. If you are a beginner, your ski area is limited. Beginner or not, a great time is guaranteed.


All pictures from Pixabay CCo

Helping Others: WNB

Helping others is great. Helping everyone is amazing. Help is needed by everyone, no matter the person. You could change someones life.

First of all, If everyone was a good person and helped others the world would simply become a better place. Most people would be in a better mood, and everyone would like more people! For example, If everyone in Nevada helped others, it would become a more friendly state. Same as any other state or country. All this would do is spread possibly world wide. Helping people can make a big change.

Also, help is desperately needed by some people. And to most of them, a hug or some motivational speaking is all they need. It might seem small to you, but it’s a world of a difference to them. What about Families in Africa? Going to the store and getting a bunch of food with lots of money, and coming home to a house with it’s own water. That is something that they might not ever be able to do in their life. Help is needed across the world.

No matter what, people need help in this world. Helping others can help give confidence. Go out there and make a change in this world.

Skiing: Why I Love It

Whoosh, woosh, I fly down the cold mountain. Woohoo! Man I love Skiing.

First of all, I don’t get to go all the time. Part of the reason for that, is I live in Texas. No mountains. And no hills or plateaus with snow on them. Also expensive. We have to rent a house, drive up there, and rent Ski equipment. It would just be a lot easier if we lived in Colorado. But that’s not how it is for me.

Another reason, is that is one of my favorite things to do. Also get to see my family and friends, show them my skills. One of the big things with Skiing for me, is challenging myself. I love to Ski black diamonds and work on double blacks.

Some other sports may seem easier and more fun to you! If Skiing isn’t your thing, don’t give up. There are plenty of fun sports to do out there. Try Snowboarding! Opportunities are endless, but I love to Ski!

WNB: Texas Winter

It’s semi-cold, dry, and has nothing to do in the best season of the year. Oh how Texas Winters can be disappointing.

Austin is pretty much in the middle of Texas, so it’s even warmer that some other places in Texas.

I love the cold. It gives me a rush, a chill, some red rosy cheeks, and a cold nipped nose. Don’t get me wrong, I love to wear flips flops in winter. But Texas doesn’t get quite cold enough for my want for snow. In Texas, the average low in the winter months is only 59 degrees! That’s like heaven in South Dakota. On the other hand, the average low in South Dakota is 13 degrees! That a whopping 46 degree difference. I don’t know how people from South Dakota feel about that. And sometimes it drops to the negatives there!

As you can see, winter here in Texas isn’t the same in the north. Some of y’all agree with me, but I know there are some people who love the 60 degree weather in January.

Prized Possesion

When I was little, I had the wonderful toys called Legos. They were my favorite thing.

It could grab the most attention out of me. It also was was my favorite thing to do with my buds. We would play for hours and hours. We had a day planned out to build our own city. We would make houses, cars, and any thing we wanted. When I played with it, there was a rush of excitement. I would love building any thing I wanted.

Without it, I don’t think my childhood would be comeplete. My mom would take my electronics; but no one messed with my Legos. I would go bezerk.

That’s why I have a prize possession for my Legos.

Winter Break

This Winter Break was a really good one. But the only downside, there was a lot of people in the house.

We started of the break with my Grandma, Aunt, Uncle, and us. The people who were here made Christmas Day and it was a lot of fun. Each and every one of us got great presents and have a ton of fun. Sadly our family had to leave.

We spent the 4 days without family watching Star Wars, and laying back and resting.

As the comfortable 4 days ran out, more family came. Other Aunt and Uncle, other Grandma, Half sister and Boyfriend, Half Brother and Girlfriend, Me , Mom, Dad , and Brother. That’s 11 people.

We hade a late Christmas but made it worthwhile. We spent good time together and got stuff done.

Overall, this was a successful Christmas!


This week I am going to share with you one of my WNB entries. Enjoy!

I walk up the creaking stairs, already scared. I never wanted to clean up Grandma’s house. Especially when she has died in her house out of the blue, and it’s night.

I fly my head back and forth once I reach the peak of the stairs expecting someone, or something to be there. But no one… I run across the hall to hide in the old game room. I started to see all of the things that I had memories that I had here. I was thinking of my Grandma and I started to cry. All of a sudden, I was spooked my a crawling person so skinny I could see it’s spine stretching through skin. I didn’t know what to do. This may be the end.

It charged at me with great speed. I was trampled then greeted by it’s teeth moving back and forth at which seemed a thousand miles an hour. I was so scared, I knew this was the end. Basically right after that thought, I was getting my heart shredded by his death-defying teeth. I was struggling to stay awake but I just couldn’t. Then…just…black.

Sweating, I woke up of fright at my safe bed, in my safe house. I go downstairs to go tell my mom what happend. Once I could see downstairs, I saw my family getting shredded by the thing like I was. I rushed upstairs and locked, double locked, my room. I sat in the corner about to cry.

I think it saw me.