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The Greenbelt

      I was walking in the woods with trees everywhere, like an ant crawling in a field of grass. I started to run fast like I can’t fall or get hurt. I got to a field of open grass.  I crashed to the floor and closed my eyes, listening to the bords calming singing.  I opened my eyes and stared at the clouds and said, “Wow” calmly. The air smelled like chocolate covered strawberries.  “I’m sorry grass” I said, “I’ve got to go. I’m sorry land, land that I love. I will come back again, just wait.  I will miss your smell and I will miss your beautiful colors. Goodbye. “


I chose this picture because I like Football. I really want to play in the NFL league and verse the  pros. I think football is fun because you run and it feels so good when you catch a ball 30 yards out. Who inspired me is Rob Gronkowski. I like football.

Brian’s Hunt

The book I read is called Brian’s Hunt and this book is by Gary Paulsen. The setting is deep inside the woods. The book’s plot is Brian is trying to survive in the woods and there’s a viscous beast.  Into Brian’s hunt he finds a dog and thinks it might be his friends. So he makes his way there. After lots of paddling he gets to his friend house but there’s this fog he cant see much then he makes his way up and sees giant foot prints. After that he smells rotten blood like its been there a couple days. Then he try’s to look for the family anxious to find his friend and the two smaller ones. Next searches the bank for his friend and finds her. Finally he tells her what happened because her mom and dad had been killed. She calls someone to pick he up and leaves with Brian hunting for the killer.