I’m Sorry.

I’m sorry.

     I’m so sorry, I the definition of indecisiveness. I don’t know what to post about so here are the crazed ramblings of a lunatic. That’s me. Currently I’m at a word count of 35 words. Woo notice the happiness. I hope this isn’t going to be graded, because I’ll fail. I should probably publish this but, pshh, publish smchublish. 63 words, I’m getting there. Oh look, that was one week passing by, there goes my grade. My other posts should have a subject, so there won’t be many ramble posts like this one. You should subscribe to my friends blogs, their usernames are KennaO3 and NatalieK5. Their blogs are much better quality than mine, so if you actually want to read something interesting go there. Also if you go to Natalie’s blog ask her about toad racing.

Signing off? Hannah.

Field Hockey (A Hobby)

Field Hockey, it’s a great sport. Also a great hobby, I play field hockey on Mondays and Sundays. I play for Lonestar Field Hockey, a club started by a couple from Ireland. I love field hockey because if you mess up a pass or shot, no one cares. When you play with a hockey stick and then screw up, you don’t get yelled at *usually*. The whole club is really supportive and helps me just have fun.

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I recently read Undertow by Micheal Buckley, the book starts off really confusing, I think a two year old could explain it better. However when you get past that the book is very interesting. The book revolves around a girl named Lyric Walker, Lyric lives in ‘the zone’ a heavily guarded neighborhood in Coney Island. The reason ‘the Zone’ is so guarded is because the Alpha or The First Men. The alpha are a race of sea creatures that take on human characteristics when on land. Some of the teenage kids of the Alpha are ‘integrated’ in to Lyrics school. The book is amazing and is definitely a must read, so read it? I’m updating this post because I didn’t have enough words. I already read Undertow and reread it just because of how good it is, though somethings it can get a little risky. Undertow is book one of the series, there are two other books so read if you don’t want a standalone.

Goodbye random people.