Bubblegum hair. That’s the color of her hair, so curly and pink like bubblegum. Just like bubblegum; her cheeks are round and rosy. Just like bubblegum; her eyes seem to pop with the wonder when she discovers something. Her bubblegum lips smack and giggle as she lets her bubblegum bubble pop. Her lips glisten like bubblegum, and her smile is as pink and as sweet as it too.

Her whole body is a what a bubblegum ball would be–if there was such a thing. It slowly gets ready, then pops with so much energy you would think she just had a bowl of sugar. Even her words leave the races of being bubblegum–so sweet and pink, letting people feel the bright pink love she puts into each word.

As she talks, it’s almost as if the whole world was made up of bubblegum. When she talks, you just can’t possibly take your eyes off of her! Her bubblegum hair, eyes, mouth, words–everything sucks you in, blows you up, then lets you pop.

Author’s Note: Yes, I know that this work uses the word ‘bubblegum’ so much you might throw up if you see it again. Yes, I know. It was intentional.

Standing Still

When I stand still

I hear the wind howling

and see the clouds gliding

sometimes I even get a glimpse of some leaves flying by

When I stand still

my skin feels prickly

so I rub my arms

and hope the feeling goes away

If I stand there longer

it feels like bugs are crawling on me

but I know

it’s just all a feeling

so I stand still

and embrace the feeling

of these tiny little bugs

And nobody knows they exist

except me

When I stand still

I start wondering about things


‘Hey, that cloud looks funny’

‘Oh, I wonder what will happen next in that game I was playing’

‘Aw man, I really want to go home now’

‘I really wanna play that game’

or maybe even

‘Why am I standing here anyway?’

A Road For Constructing

I feel like writing is a road. It’s just a really dangerous road that–for some reason–always has construction going around so sometimes wood planks and metal beams fall randomly from the sky. Sometimes a bunch of construction is going on and you just get surrounded by the debris of the construction. You just can’t get out. That’s how I feel sometimes. Trapped in between a lot of wooden planks and metal beams.

At this point, rather than frightened, I feel ready to give up. The street it deserted and nobody’s there to help. The only people here are construction workers, and they only pay attention to the buildings that they’re constructing. So sometimes I just sit there and do nothing. Rather, I’d like to do that. But then…there’s always more beams that come flying down–right where you’re trapped. You can’t do anything but try to escape before something falls on your head. That’s how I feel sometimes. Forced to do something that I don’t feel like doing.

Writer’s block sucks.

Art! Woah!


I realised that I hadn’t posted any kind of art for blog, thus not giving an example of any of my art! I really wanted to show an example of my art so that people can look forward to some more in the future. This is a drawing from a long time ago, so this is my old art style. The colouring is also pretty messy, so if you look long enough you can see a lot of flaws.

Also, because my mom thought this, she is not dying. She’s just–falling? I’m not sure what I had in mind when I drew this, but I thought it turned out excellently so I kept it. I still think that it’s one of my better drawings, so I wanted to post it here.

Remember: I’ll be posting more drawings in the future, so keep an eye out!

Art Block

There are so many blocks in the artistic world that it’s insane! Well, just two–that I know of–but the two are huge. In this post though, I’ll be talking about art block.

Art block…people might just dismiss it, but people who have experienced art block know what I mean. For me, whenever I get art block all of my drawings turn out terrible. I don’t know why though; maybe it’s because I have no inspiration for the drawing. I really try to draw and fight off my art block but most attempts end up futile.

For my artist friends out there: Don’t try to fight it off! This works for me–so I don’t know about you–but art block just never goes away for me. No matter how long or how much I try to get rid of it, it never works. Sometimes it takes weeks–even months–for the block to fade away. There was a whole phase of months where I simply had no inspiration for any kind of art. All my drawings looked terrible during that time…but I just couldn’t help it.

What I’m saying is that everyone experiences art block or writer’s block, so don’t get too scared when it happens. Just try to brainstorm if that works for you, or just roll with it if you can’t do anything. I mean, I did that for nearly half a year!


On my previous post I told the difference between anime and manga. In this post, I will be talking more about manga. First, here’s a fun little fact; manga is actually a plural in itself! Basically you can just say “that manga is,” or “those manga are,”. Anyways, there are two different types of manga–in my knowledge. Now, I’m not talking about genre, but in general.
There are these publishing companies(I think?) that serialize these magazine-type things that have multiple manga. What do I mean by that? Well, in the magazine there is one chapter of all the manga the company serializes. For example, there is a manga called Kuroshitsuji(Black Butler), and it is serialized in the kind of system stated above–I’m not sure where it’s serialized by though–and one chapter of the manga is released every month, I believe. So that’s one of the systems manga use.
Another system manga authors use is simply releasing a whole book. I’m not sure how often these types of manga are serialized, but books like these are usually just a short story or a collection of short stories. These books are also released in a collection of chapters, just this time you can read it in one go instead of waiting a month. I’m not sure, but these books might be a collection of the chapters released in magazines; don’t quote me on that though.

If you learned anything from this post, I’d appreciate if you comment! Also, subscribe with your email to get notified for more posts(this doesn’t cost any money, just input your email!

Manga vs. Anime

Okay, so this is a topic that a lot of people mix up. Anime isn’t everything that just happens to be a Japanese drawing. Anime is when it’s an animation! Hence the name anime; a shortened word of animation! Onto manga.
Manga are the comic books. Like, the comics…but they aren’t colored. All of them are black and white, and usually released in chapters–some as full books.

Now, this is just a short post, but I’ll be expanding on the topic of manga and anime more in some other posts.

Your Love

Your love is so warm
It makes me want to crush it
And tear it apart
So I can have some from time to time

I want it everyday, but you never seem to
Notice me
I always do kind actions just for you to see
Yet you don’t even glance this way

I want your love
I want your eyes
I want to watch them…
Follow only me

I want get rid of anything, anyone
In our way
“Eliminate” them

I’m the only one who needs your love

Your love
Used to be so, so warm
But now it’s cold
I guess…

I’ll have to hug a corpse for your love

Eight Hundred

So here’s some back story about the song I’m about to show you. It’s called Eight Hundred, and is a Japanese song. There are English subtitles on the screen, but there are no words in the song, because this is a piano cover of it. I learned this song a few months ago because I heard the original and thought that it would fit well with the piano. Also, I’m pretty sure it’s called Eight Hundred because in Japan that means liar…I’m not too sure, but that’s what I remember seeing somewhere. Anyways, enjoy! I didn’t play this it’s just that the same piano notes were used. (The link for the piano sheets go to the website I got it from, so you have to just hit command/control F and type in ‘Eight Hundred’ to find the sheets)


Blue-grey tanager [thraupis episcopus]

Taran Rampersad via Compfight


Pixabay CC0

Pixabay CC0

I didn’t really know what to put, so there’s a picture of a mantis and a picture of a bird.

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