Reasons Why I’m an Awkward Minority Outlier – First Post

I enjoy doing lots of different things that other people think are really weird. For example, a lot of people like listening to music with lyrics that you can “sing along” to. However, as for me, I like to listen to movie soundtrack music pieces that actually have no words to them, and the closest I’m willing to get is listening to music with choir in it in the background (e.g. Duel of the Fates from Star Wars the Phantom Menace). The reason why I do this is because I personally think that music with lyrics sounds bad, and it’s just not my style.

Another strange thing that I like doing is dipping random foods in other random drinks and then eating it, but sometimes, they actually end up tasting really good together. For example, I often like to dip shrimp chips (虾条 in Chinese) in iced tea. Although it may sound strange, it actually tastes really good!

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One thought on “Reasons Why I’m an Awkward Minority Outlier – First Post

  1. Ya know, the older you get, the more you’ll realize that everyone is quirky. You’ll find your quirk-mates and then you’ll live a happy quirky life! I know you’re new to Austin, but I’m going to drop a famous Austin quote in here for you- Keep Austin Weird!

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