ISR Book: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Novelization) by Alexander Freed

Currently, for my ISR book, I am reading Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (written by Alexander Freed). It follows the main plot of the actual movie (the Rebels trying to capture the Death Star plans), but as for the actual main characters, the plot follows Jyn Erso, whose father, Galen Erso, was taken into Imperial hands in order to aid in the construction of the new Death Star, which can destroy entire planets; Cassian Andor, who is a leading rebel fighter, aiding in the capture of Galen Erso; Bodhi Rook, a defected Imperial pilot; Saw Gerrera, a rebel extremist; K-2SO (“K”), a reprogrammed Imperial droid; Director Krennic, our main antagonist for the story and the Imperial officer responsible for Galen Erso’s capture; Governor Tarkin, Krennic’s boss and rival for the attention of Darth Vader; Chirrut Imwe, a blind Guardian of the Whill who can use the Force to guide him and calls himself a Jedi; and Baze Malbus, Chirrut’s trigger-happy friend. The main meat of the story starts off on Jedha, an Imperial mining outpost, and we as the audience first get to meet Chirrut and Baze, and get our very first glimpse of the Empire. We also get to have a glimpse at the first action sequence of the book. Then they all go and meet up with Saw, where Bodhi also happens to be held captive by him.

Then, Tarkin orders Krennic to order a Death Star weapons test on Jedha City, Jedha’s capitol, where Cassian, Jyn, Baze, Chirrut, Saw, K, and Bodhi are near. All of them but Saw escape the explosion, and then Cassian and Jyn just decide to take Bodhi with them, and this decision turns out to be beneficial and useful later on in the long run, as Bodhi reveals that he was carrying a message from Galen to give to Saw who showed it to Jyn on Jedha before his death. The message, from Galen, said that he had secretly placed a major flaw in the Death Star that he believed nobody could find and exploit except for the Rebellion. It was an exhaust port that lead directly to the main reactor, which meant that if somebody were to fire a shot straight through the exhaust port and hit the reactor core, then it would cause the whole Death Star to explode. Jyn then was able to verbally deliver the message to the others.

Then the crew return to Yavin 4, currently the Rebellion’s main outpost, and Cassian’s boss, General Draven, orders him to assassinate Galen on the spot if he finds him. He then also orders them all to go to Eadu, which is where the Rebellion belives Galen is hidden. Krennic is also ordered by Darth Vader to go there to discuss Galen’s productivity after he finds out that part of the Rebellion narrowly escaped the destruction of Jedha City.

Upon the rebels’ arrival on Eadu, their ship is hit, and they crash land close to the outpost. Cassian told the rest of them to stay in the ship while he and Bodhi went to go look for Galen. However, Jyn wanting another chance to see her father again, she decides to come along with them despite Cassian’s orders as the others try to contact the Rebel Alliance’s fleet for reinforcements. Eventually, Chirrut decides to go with Jyn as well, and Baze is forced to go along with him, leaving only K to stay back on the ship to wait for reinforcements.

When they all eventually arrive at the outpost, Jyn witnesses Krennic confronting her father and his coworkers. Meanwhile, Cassian also has sight of Galen, and is preparing to kill him. However, he decides he must be captured instead, and taken hostage until found innocent. And since he also knows Galen’s message, he chooses not to pull the trigger, against his orders, while he had full opportunity to as Krennic orders all of the engineering team dead because nobody admitted to being the traitor and sending Bodhi out to find Saw with Galen’s message.

But just in time, Galen steps up, and admits to the crime as a sacrifice to his coworkers, saving them all temporarily. But Krennic decides to kill of the rest of them anyways to make Galen regret his decision, and at that moment, the Rebellion reinforcements arrive, bombing the hangar bay, completely oblivious to the fact that Jyn was on it, killing many of the remaining guards, except for Krennic, Jyn, and Galen.

And finally, as Jyn gets to have a few last moments with her father, Cassian and Bodhi find her, and tell her to leave and carries her away as her father dies. Afterwards, they all return back to Yavin 4 yet again, and begin a meeting with the Alliance High Council about the events of Eadu.

When it is Jyn’s turn to plead her case, many do not believe her, including General Draven, and think that it is not worth the effort to go to the Empire’s data vault on the planet of Scarif and risk many of their men to just find a single data tape. But when Jyn says otherwise yet again and is dismissed from the meeting, she meets up with Chirrut, who says that they all fight and find supporters for her cause, which Cassian just so happens to have found about 30 of.

When their stolen Imperial ship launches, they set a course for Scarif, and when they arrive, they are confronted with a shield gate that can only be opened with an Imperial access code, which their stolen ship has and came with. When they put it through, the audience finds out that Krennic was also sent to Scarif at the same time to secure the data vault for fear of rebels like Jyn going there to steal the plans.

When the rebels get through the shield with their access code, they formulate a plan for their attack and land. Their plan was to wait for the security check officers arrive, kill them as they would send a person or two out to check their ship, then disguise Jyn and Cassian in their uniform to sneak into the data vault. K would also come along because it was only fitting, as he too was an Imperial droid, and could unlock doors and such.

When Cassian, Jyn, and K arrive at the base, they are able to get in, but they are confronted by many stormtroopers who are trying to get past when there is a security alerts of rebels on the beach, and K lets them through into the vault, but when the stormtroopers get suspicious, K sacrifices himself to lock Jyn and Cassian inside the data vault to secure the data tape of the Death Star plans. K is then blasted by stormtroopers and dies.

This is when the rebels on the ground begin their assault. A lot of fighting happens that is not really worth explaining, but in the end, the main thing that happens is back in the data vault tower, where Krennic appears after he witnesses multiple explosions going off near there, which were placed by the rebels shortly after Jyn and Cassian’s departure from the stolen ship. However, the Rebellion also catches wind of this attack, and decide to send more aerial reinforcements to Scarif to aid the rebels, upon realising that they were wrong about Galen from the beginning all along (much to General Draven’s displeasure). When they arrive there, they launch a space attack on the shield generator to get through to the rebels on the ground.

Next, another main important detail happens: the rebels realise that they need to flick a master switch in order to transfer the data tape’s information up to the rebel’s main cruiser. To send the data tape, first, Jyn and Cassian acquire the hard copy of the plans by busting through the glass orotecting them from a giant claw machine that was meant to grab the data tape for them before K locked all power out of the vault. Thye decide to blast a hole in it, and climb their way to the tape. Jyn was able to acquire the tape, but just as Krennic arrived on the scene, blasting Cassian to the very bottom of the vault. Then, Jyn takes Krennic out of the picture temporarily, as she climbs her way back up to the upper balcony of the tower, now with the stolen data tape.

She goes over to a radar disk that is supposed to beam up the data tape up to the cruiser above. But meanwhile, somebody back down on the ground still has to flick the master switch to let Jyn through, and Cassian decides to go, trusting on the Force. He ends up just sacrificing himself for it, getting hit by a stormtrooper almost immediately after flicking the switch. Baze, now overwhelmed with grief, sacrifices himself as well to take down some more stormtroopers.

At the same time, Bodhi was still waiting on the stolen Imperial shuttle, trying to get communications to the rebel cruisers, while yet another stormtrooper decides to throw a grenade into the ship where Bodhi was, killing him when it exploded.

Back up on the data tower, Krennic meets Jyn on the balcony, and they have a standoff. When it seems like Jyn is about to lose, however, Cassian comes up from behind Krennic and shoots him (but still does not kill him), as they watch the radar disk beam the data tape file up to the Rebellion. This is when the Death Star appears, preparing for another fire at the data tower on Scarif in an attempt to kill the rebels trying to get the plans back up to the fleet above.

Then, finally, the Death Star fires at Scarif, ending it all of the rest of the remaining rebels on the ground, including Jyn, Cassian, and even Krennic, all still on the tower, but only after the data tape is successfully transferred to the fleet, where they print it out on what seems to be a big SIM card.

However, at that same time, Darth Vader docks on the same ship where a copy if the plans are reprinted, and slaughters about 15 more rebels onboard it. But eventully, they end up actually getting the tape through to Princess Leia and the rest of the rebels, which is where the book ends on both a high note but also a low one as well.

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