Advice From Me and Milly

Dear incoming 7th graders, to succeed in your seventh grade year here at West Ridge Middle School, here is some advice from me and Milly:


Advice #1: Stay Organized

This year it is really important to keep your lockers and binders organized. My lockers were super messy, and it made it really hard to get from class to class on time. If you have classes that are far away from each other, I recommend getting a heavy-duty binder that carries most of your supplies.


Advice #2: Dress Out Quick

If you are in athletics next year, make sure to dress out fast so you won’t be counted tardy or absent. One time I got out late and Coach Cooley counted me as absent. Then, I got called into the office for skipping class. Also, if your last name starts with A-G, you need to be faster at changing than everybody else. If your last name is H-Z, you have more time to dilly-dally.


Advice #3: Pick Good Friends

Try to avoid being friends with people who talk a lot during class, because sometimes teachers blame you, and not the talker. Also, 7th grade friendships are always rocky and cause way more drama than intended. Don’t push the friends that you care about away from you.
Hope this will help make transitioning grades a little bit easier!

WRMS Tennis

I started playing tennis for my middle school, even though I have never really played before. I thought it wasn’t going to be very exciting, but it turned out to be a lot better than I expected!

I think one of the main reasons it’s fun is because I have a lot of friends that do it with me. There’s Greta ( I play doubles with her sometimes), Gigi, Adelyn, Nick, Austin and a few more!

Doubles to me is a lot more fun than singles. Maybe it’s because you can talk to somebody while your playing or that the pressure isn’t all on you. Either way, doubles with Greta is super funny because we always mess up since we aren’t very good yet.

Well, the the morale of the story is if you think that you are going to hate something, you might turn out to love it.

The Polar Bear

His body was spherical

And soft

And bright-white,

And as he passed the deer

He paused,

And snapped at air

That was between them

And I saw the flash of white wool,

And a mouth as big as the sun,

And eyes of the darkest black,

Hard and round big.

Then out of the snow,

With those sharp-cutted teeth

Moving without a sound in sight



He ran — That strange mammal,

Spherical, soft, bright-white

Part vulture, part wolf

Part neither — for his soul was cold

inpsired by ” The Shark ” by Edwin John Pratt

Beach Party

The sandy shores,

have no bores.

When it’s a party, your happiness soars.

Every grain of sand is yours.

  • – TK



I chose this this poem because of the beach. Beaches make me feel free and have no worries. I think that that feeling is the best feeling in the entire world. Everyone should be able to feel this, no matter what. Hope you enjoy.

Three Festivals in Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas has beautiful nature, hot weather and amazing food. But, what Austin is really known for is… the festivals!


Austin City Limits

Austin City Limits, or ACL, is the largest music festival in Texas. With over half a million people, this loud festival has new and old artists, noisy sports bars and a playful kid area. If you are looking for good time, you should definitely check this out!




South by Southwest is a festival that interests people from all around the world. It has a film section, interactive section and a music session. If none of those interest you, they having competitive gaming, virtual reality and much, much more! This festival has about 100,000 people, but it is spread out over all of downtown Austin!


Rodeo Austin

Rodeo Austin has tons of things, such as, a rockin’ carnival, amazing concerts and strange food. It may not be as large as the others, but it sure is fun! But, be careful with the food…


all photos under pixabay cc0

Never Give Up

Have you ever made a mistake before? If you said no, think harder. Everyone makes mistakes ; that is why it is important to never give up.

When Steve Jobs was creating Apple, do you think that every phone or computer was flawless? Well, I’ll tell you right now, they weren’t. In fact he made hundreds of test products before he even got close to perfect. He got frustrated, confused, angry, but he never gave up. Mistakes happen in our everyday life, that is why it is significant to never give up.

In the Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen was a hero to many. Do you think that she became a hero by giving up? When President Snow blocked her from coming into the city, did she go “oh well,” and stop trying? No, she didn’t ; she went through numerous obstacles and saved hundreds of people. How did she do this? By never giving up. I can say the same thing for every fictional or nonfictional hero. When things get hard, never give up.

Always trying to not give up is hard, so next time you want to, think of all the possibilities you’ll miss if you do.



Super Bowl

Growing up with 2 older brothers and a football fanatic dad, I love to watch football. On Feburary 7th, you’ll see me, my family and friends parked in front of our TV with chips and dip, watching the Super Bowl.

I’m rooting for the Denver Broncros because my uncle lives in Denver and loves the Broncos. Also, the quarter back, Peyton Manning, is the brother of the New York Giants’ quarterback, Eli Manning. My dad grew up in the North-East and always loved the Giants. Now, my family are Giants fans ( besides my mom).

Back to the Super Bowl, if you don’t know what this is… it is the BIGGEST football event of the year. About 70,00 – 100,000 people  attend each year. People come from all over the country just to see this. They have an exhilarating half-time show and great commercials (yes, great commercials).

Even if you don’t watch football, you should definitely watch the Super Bowl.




Prized Possesion

When I was little, I just couldn’t do without my blankie or High School Musical

My blankie had the softest fuzzy side then when you flipped it over, there was a silk, smooth side. I had a pink one, Zane’s was green and Hugo’s was purple. When I went to bed it was the very first thing I grabbed, and when I woke up, it was the first thing I saw. I don’t know what I would have done without it. It is still in a drawer in my dresser.


When I watched High School Musical, I felt like a teenager and I would sing along to every song. The movie came out 10 years ago!! Which if you think about, is crazy because it seems like yesterday. This was my all-time FAVORITE movie and it still is. Even now when I watch it, I cry. Now, I’m a Wildcat just like them! I still remember that Zac Efron was my childhood crush… 

In the end, I don’t know how different my childhood would have been without these prized possessions. 


I think that lots of people judge others based on looks, skin color, clothes and other things. Here are a few examples on judgment that I think could happen in real life.

Say you see a woman with purple hair, you may automatically assume that you don’t want to talk to them because they seem scary or mean. When in reality, they could be the nicest person, but you would never know that because you judged them so quickly on a silly thing.

Let’s say that your mom is picking a nanny for you and one is old and one is young. Most people would probably pick the young one, right? Well, the young one is rude and mean while the older one is nice and sweet. But you picked the wrong one because you just assumed that younger people are nicer.

I am not saying that only YOU judge people. I am saying that EVERYONE judges people, even if you don’t realize it then. No matter how hard you try not to. You end up judging people or even things. Sadly, that is just humanity.

Crew Camp

Over the summer I do a camp called Crew. This year they started to do it over winter break. The camp is for kids ages 2-9 that want to learn gymnastics. Crew camp is like being a mini counselor for the coaches. Usually I am with the 2 year-olds but this year I was in Arts & Crafts because I get to see all the kids.

This camp is really fun especially when you have friends with you. Harper S and Claire M also do this with me and they love it too! I have been doing this for 3 years and I have never stopped loving it. 🙂