Baby Charlie!

This weekend my family came all they way from England! My aunt and uncle came with their new baby, Charlie. This was the first time I had ever met him and he was so cute! He is about eight months old now, but I hope he stays this small forever!

The last time I saw my aunt and uncle was when we went to England for their wedding about three years ago. I was so glad I got to see them again and I can’t wait to play with Charlie some more! They are all staying here in Texas for a little while, before going to Costa Rica to see some of my uncle’s old friends. I’m very happy that they came to see us because they are so nice and I love visiting them!

Although I love England very much, I really don’t like traveling there. I hate flying at all, but I especially hate long distance flights. That’s why I’m so glad they came here instead of us having to go all the way there to meet Charlie. He’s so small and cute and I love him so much. He has this adorable little giggle and I lobe it so much when he laughs.

I’m so glad they came to visit and I can’t wait to spend more time with them! I love having them over and I hope they will come more often.

New Ibex!

So like I’ve said before, my dad breeds these rare goats called Ibex. Many people like to hunt them so they can be sold for quite a lot of money. These past two weeks many of the mother ibex gave birth!

So first, one of our goats named U.K. (It stands for unknown because we don’t know who her parents were), had triplets! Sometimes if we are lucky one of them will have twins,but triplets! Then a few days later my ibex ,named Mango, went into labor but sadly she was unable to deliver the first one and both of the twins died. When my mom texted me this I was very sad and upset because, not only is it sad that the babies didn’t make it, but it probably put a lot of stress on Mango so I was worried about her.

A few hours after my mom first told me we had lost the babies, I texted her asking how Mango was. Sadly we also lost Mango probably due to blood loss or just stress. I was really sad because she had always been my favorite and I loved her so much. But, when we went to our ranch this past weekend we counted a total of eight babies! I don’t think we will be bottle raising any this year which is disappointing, but also good news because that means all of the babies are getting cared for by their mothers.

On Saturday we almost took a two day old baby goat home because it looked like no one was feeding him. When we returned to take him home, we saw him chase a mother until she finally allowed him to nurse. I was really upset because he is so cute and my little sister already named him Cal!

I really hope we don’t lose any more Ibex this year and I hope that we will get to raise at least one baby!



No More Braces!

This week I got my braces off and I’m very happy! I was very lucky and I only needed them for six months. All of my friends have to get them or have had them for a very long time, so some of them are jealous that I got mine off so soon.

When I first got them on, they said I wouldn’t need them for long beacause my teeth were already pretty straight. My dad and my brother both have really good teeth and neither of them needed braces. My mom and my older sister however, had pretty bad teeth and they both needed them for quite a while. I almost didn’t need them at all, like my dad and brother, but they decided it would be best to make a few corrections.

I was really excited when they took them off because it felt so different. Everyone says it hurts when you get them off, but it actually isn’t that bad. I have to admit, there is some pressure but I wouldn’t say it’s painful.

When I am back to school my friends gave me many compliments and I felt really lucky to have such great people in my life. They all made me feel so good and they all helped me feel more comfortable with my new look. A few of my friends already got their braces off, so they all talked to me and gave me advice.

Im so glad I got my braces off, but I’m even more glad I have such great and supportive friends!


Whether it’s for a big test, or just a learning check. Studying is important.

Although sometimes it may not seem important it is very helpful if you study. I know that it can sometimes be hard to stay focused when there are always so many distractions but, if you just simply look over your work once a day it will improve your grades. You don’t exactly need to have flash cards and be quizzing yourself (although that works very well) but it works to simply read over what you wrote,or your vocabulary words, or even just your work for math. All that matters is that you think a little bit more.

I don’t really like to study, but this year my goal is to start studying more. I often do study, but I don’t think as much as I need to. I’m not very good at Spanish at all, but the more I study the better I do. Sometimes when I really don’t want to study, but know that I need to, I study with my friends so that it can be a little more fun.

Belive me I know that when the last bell rings all you want to do is forget about school. Especially when it’s one of those days where you got lucky and don’t have homework because you did it all in class. I know it stinks when you have to go home and instead of just relaxing you have to sit down, and pull out your binder-or binders-and then relive all of the work you had to do at school. Sometimes,however, you don’t have to do all of that. Just double check that you know what you need to.

Even though I just said that studying is very good, sometimes too much studying can be bad. I am definitely not saying studying is bad in any way. The thing is, if you over study late into the night or if you study all day everyday it won’t be very good. It can cause lack of sleep, stress, and overthinking. Now, for some people just straight up school causes these things, but if you over study things can and will get worse. When you study just take some breaks every now and then, and try not to focus on just one thing.

Studying can be very beneficial, but it can also hurt more than it can help. Just make sure when you study, you don’t over work yourself.

My Foot (Again)

I just recently had a broken foot. Actually I had two stress fractures on my fibula to be exact. A few weeks after getting my boot off it started hurting again.

My mom finally took me in to the doctor this past Wednesday. I thought it might have been broken again, but it turns out this is not the case. When we got to the doctor after asking me a few questions about my pain levels and things like that, he began moving my foot around while applying some pressure to certain areas. In fact he never even took an x-ray!

After moving my foot around and making me walk up and down the hall a few times, he determined that I have some form of ┬ámuscular tightness but I can’t quite remember the full scientific name.

The kinda good news is that I don’t have to run for a while. The bad news is that I have to go to physical therapy for a long time. Either way at least my foot will hopefully get better.



I really like to play basketball. This year I got to tryout for the school team, and I made it!

I’m on the B team because I’m not very good, but it is still so much fun! Some of the girls on my team are really good. We practice every day except for Thursdays (game days) and Fridays. We have to be at school very early so that we have plenty of time to practice.

I’m sad that our season just ended. We played our last game last night and sadly we lost. I didn’t get to play very much this season because I broke my foot and that made me a little sad, but I’m still happy I got to play at all.

Even though the season already ended I can’t wait for next year! I also play on a different team outside of school and I can’t wait for that to start!



This past summer, I had the chance to go to Spain. It was a very special experience.

The reason we went was because my dad and my older brother were competing in the World Champion Shoot. So both of my parents decided that we should take a family trip. It was a very long couple of flights but I think it was worth it. We got to eat, see, smell, and experience so many new things and I know it’s a trip I will never forget. Also while we were there my brother made friends with another young boy competing named Castor. They became such good friends that Castor will be coming to stay with us all of next year!

It was a very fun trip and I would completely recommend it! Having to adjust to the time zones is the only hard part, but other than that it was super fun!


I like to ride horses. At my ranch we have three horses and two zebras. On Wednesdays I have lessons with my big sister. I had ridden a few times before my first lesson, so it wasn’t very hard to remember how to do everything.

Sadly my sister and I haven’t been able to ride for a while because of the weather. It has either been freezing cold, or raining, or muddy, or it might rain. Also we haven’t been able to ride for a while because I broke my foot and I just recently got my boot off. We were supposed to ride this Wednesday but I got sick!

Hopefully we will get to ride again soon because I really injoy it. My horse is too old and stubborn, but one day I want to maybe be able to race. I can’t wait to get to ride again!


I really like basketball. I made the school team and it’s really fun. Well, actually it was really fun.

At the beginning of the season there was a ton of running, but I was okay with it because I really like the sport. After a few practices my ankle started to really hurt, but of course because I love playing so much I just kept running and did my best to ignore it. However, the pain got worse very fast so I finally told my mom. She figured it was just from all the running so I iced it and went back to playing.

Then, one day we had to run. A lot. First we ran our usual sprints and did our usual warm up. Then we ran nineteen extra down and back sprints. My ankle hurt so badly I had to go and call my mom. She got me a doctor appointment and told me to try to stay off of it.

After and X-ray we found out that I have two stress fractures in my fibula. Sadly I’m out until January. For now I just watch games, and practices, and wish I could play.

Throwing Knives

My big brother, Luke, has throwing knives. I realize how unsafe this already sounds but just keep reading.

One day he let me use them. I didn’t try to kill anything, or do anything like that. I just practiced on a old tree stump. It turns out I was pretty good at them, and soon about half of my family had gathered to watch. It’s not like I could perfect hit anything I wanted, but I could get almost all of them in the general area that I wanted them to go. I had a lot of fun just playing around with them and trying to hit the tree from different angles.

Sadly my brother came back and took the knives away from me ( I think he was just jealous). So that night I went online and look at knives for sale. Once I found a few that I liked I showed my mom. Of course she immediately said that I couldn’t buy them because they were dangerous. I kept practicing with my brother’s and I got better.

The good news is that one of my friends bought me a set for my birthday! It’s really cool! We picked them out together and she told me that she actually got them for me and I was so happy! I can’t wait to use them!