End of School

As this year comes to a close I think about all the things that happened. All of the good and the bad. This has been one of the most eventful years of my entire life. In academically and socially. I made a lot of new friends that I didn’t hang out with last year. School […]

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Liger By: Me

Orange And striped And rugged with fur, He looked around And came across an injured sloth. A flash of white and a high pitched squeal, And eyes of deep blue, Wise and hard and slit. Lithely, Leisurely, he crept– that strange beast, Orange And striped And rugged with fur, Part lion, part tiger, Part neither– […]

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Llamas are very fluffy sometimes even scruffy. Without them I would die. That’s really not a lie. And if you disagree, than you should be a tree. Llamas motivated me to do this post because they are life. My flame rap was all because of the savage llamma on my shirt. I think it is […]

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I Am Amazing at Track

We had a track meet yesterday against dripping springs. Our pole vaulting game was pretty weak but aside from that we did ok. Some of the kids were way bigger than me, but I learned not to be intimidated by them. There is this kid Nick who is bigger than me and stronger than me […]

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Track Season

As basketball season has come to an end, track season is just starting up. I’m not much of a runner so the whole track thing is not very appealing to me, but it will keep me in shape for football and other sports, so I do it anyway. I hate track but field is another […]

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Basketball Season is Over

Well, basketball season has finally come to an end, and I have to say I am pretty happy with the way this year has gone. We have an 8-3 record coming into our last game with a chance to clinch 2nd in the division. This season has been filled with ups and very few downs. […]

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The Phantom’s Lair

The cave was dimly lit. Shadows danced in the flickering light of an almost burnt out candle. A throne sat off in a corner Studded with precious stones. Skeletons of rodents littered the floor along with the occasional larger pile of something that couldn’t be identified. I swiftly walked trying to avoid them but as […]

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Too many people are judging books by their covers. They make assumptions based on people’s appearance. Appearance is the first thing you identify a person with as soon as you meet them. Maybe you would refer to them as “the blond kid,” or “that ginge.” Sometimes what people look like may make us feel a […]

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Basketball game

Last night’s game was a disaster. We played well the entire game and thought we had the game in the bag, but alas we let the game slip away and came up short by 1 point. I think I played alright even though I missed a crucial shot that could have put us in the […]

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