Basketball game

Last night’s game was a disaster. We played well the entire game and thought we had the game in the bag, but alas we let the game slip away and came up short by 1 point.

I think I played alright even though I missed a crucial shot that could have put us in the lead with nine seconds left. That was the worst moment of my entire basketball career. I only got 2 points, but I did get a good amount of steals and assists. At least I think so. They had a 200 pound giant at center that hogged all the rebounds, but he couldn’t shoot for his life so it was ok.

In my opinion it was the nut job on the sidelines that did most of the damage. Every single call that didn’t go how she wanted was countered by a scream. It was very distracting, but I can’t blame the loss on that. Although we played hard we didn’t win and you just keep working hard and do your best to win next week

3 thoughts on “Basketball game

  1. I feel your pain…I hate when I lose a game by one point. At least you scored a couple of points to help your team! Wow, a 200 pound kid?! Oh my gosh–that’s humongous–he must have been a hard defender. Also, who did you’all play?

  2. I think that the giant center is on my soccer team. I like how you recovered from a loss quick and you’re ready for next week. Nice job Harper!!

  3. Even though you guys lost the game, there was so much going on, and the game seemed kind of funny. You really used description, and explained everything so well in your writing! I also like your truism at the end, and how even if you lost, you are still determined to win next week.

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