I Am Amazing at Track

We had a track meet yesterday against dripping springs. Our pole vaulting game was pretty weak but aside from that we did ok.

Some of the kids were way bigger than me, but I learned not to be intimidated by them. There is this kid Nick who is bigger than me and stronger than me but he’s really bad at shotput. My throw was about two inches shy of the world record, and that was with a broken arm and neck.

After shotput I went over to discus. It’s not really my strong suit but I can hold my own. I had three solid throws of about 300 feet before realizing that I was way to good at track, and my skills might make others want to quit. So I walked away forever.

One thought on “I Am Amazing at Track

  1. Love the title!

    And enjoyed the post…but I have to ask, did you indeed walk away forever? Or are you still representing WRMS in track and field, challenging world records and striking fear into the hearts of your opponents?

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