Basketball Season is Over

Well, basketball season has finally come to an end, and I have to say I am pretty happy with the way this year has gone. We have an 8-3 record coming into our last game with a chance to clinch 2nd in the division. This season has been filled with ups and very few downs. […]

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Basketball game

Last night’s game was a disaster. We played well the entire game and thought we had the game in the bag, but alas we let the game slip away and came up short by 1 point. I think I played alright even though I missed a crucial shot that could have put us in the […]

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It’s Finally Here!!!!!

I am so exited for basketball season! It will only be my second time playing it as an organized sport, and I made the a team. I am probably one of the worst on the team, but all I hope for is that we win. During football season we didn’t win very often and I […]

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