Harrison and fenrir

I was sitting in my house watching the news when I got a phone call. It was mr trump. “Hello” I said, “Harrison this is important we found out that there’s a giant wolf in  Denmark”. “What” I said “looking at the news”. But nothing was there about the wolf. And the worst part was that everyone in Denmark is dead said the president. How did you get this information I asked. Never mind that mr trump answered. I need you to go and kill the wolf before it causes more disaster. In the background I could hear a ringing sound. Almost like a control center. But it was obviously all the phones ringing. I hung up and went to go on a plane to Denmark. But there was no planes going there. I looked at a map an Denmark was crossed off in red. So I got on a little boat and started to Denmark. When I arrived I realized how I am going to kill the wolf suddenly Beowulf came out of the trees all beat up and bruised he gave me a sword but I wouldn’t do anything to to wolf. Then I noticed a volcano. That lead into the underworld so me and Beowulf decided to lure the monster into the volcano. We were looking for bait when we saw the wolf it looked at us and we started running the monster was to fast and we hid in a hole. When the wolf looked away we ran to a lake and jumped in it the wolf did the same and when it hit the water it started falling a part like it was getting tazered then the mouth of the wolf opened and someone stepped out…..

The gift

The gift

                                  By Harrison Kolander


“Picture,” my mom said as me and my sister where about to open the

                                         Mysterious gift.

                                Anger burned inside me






  Waiting for the picture I looked at the gift it looked back, mocking me.

          I started to wonder what was inside the mysterious gift.

It could be a lego set,

It could be a hoop and net,

It could be a baseball bat,

It could be a brand new hat,

It could be a toy ship,

It could be a coat with a zip,

It could be a smelly shoe,

It could be a loud kazoo,

After the picture I rip open the gift and I couldn’t believe my eyes. 


Author’s note: the poem is about on Christmas when I was like 6 our grandparents sent me and my sister a Christmas gift. I remember how eager   I was to open it. I think it turned out to be a board game but the memory was better than what was inside.