Six Flags!!!!!

Last Friday, I went to Six Flags with my orchestra. I’m not going to talk about all of the rides I rode, but I’m going to talk about the best ones I rode. I first had to wake up at 4:00 AM!!!! This is actually really early for me because I slept around 9:30 last night. Then, I had to wear my formal uniform to school where the carter buses were. I sat down some-what near the front. After waiting on the bus for almost 30 minutes, we were finally going to San Antonio. The bus ride was really boring. The sky was still dark, we were watching a random movie: Moana. I was so tired, I could’ve slept on the bus if the movie wasn’t playing. Now the bus ride was the boring part, but there was going to be some fun in the near future…

After we arrived at our performance place, we had to wait another 30 minutes until we had to go in. So, I got really bored. The movie was finished, and I was 90% awake. Then, we finally got off the bus. It was really humid outside. The heat washed over me as I walked over to get my violin. Our performance place (I forgot where it was) had a really small PAC (Performing Arts Center). We saw the Concert Orchestra already onstage, and doing their warm-up. After we warmed-up (it took awhile for Honors Orchestra to finish warming-up, so we just waited outside the warm-up room for awhile), we finally walked onto the stage.

Now after we finished changing and we got onto the bus, we were heading to Six Flags!!!! We arrived there at about 11:00 (well, according to my schedule) and there was not many people there. There were also 6th graders from Hill Country, and they were everywhere. We probably saw more people from Hill Country than from West Ridge!! Then we rode our first ride: The Iron Rattler.

I rode the Iron Rattler before, so I was mostly excited for the big drop where you could see the Gully Washer and it is really beautiful drop. This drop makes you feel like you are falling off (which I really like) before it goes up again. It has a barrel roll and you go into this dark cave at the end. This didn’t even have a line!! So, my group was lucky. The next ride my group rode was the Superman: Krypton Coaster. I found myself sitting alone and sitting in the very front. It was a nice experience sitting in the front. You could feel the wind brush across your face as you go on the ride. You even know when you are going up, and when you are about to drop. After that we rode some random rides but Poltergeist was awesome, especially right after my group ate lunch.

After we finished lunch, we went to Poltergeist. The ride that might make you throw up after such a big lunch. There was no line when we got there. At first we saw a purple roller coaster, but then it zipped off, making me jump back in fright. It passed us so fast, I just saw a blur. But then, it was my turn to ride it. I was tightly holding on to the handle, bracing when we were going to leave. Before I knew it, we zipped off, my head against the seat and my hands clenched on the bar. It didn’t go that fast in the beginning, but it was still intimidating after you watch other people ride it. This was a very weird ride with corkscrews and cobra rolls, this is the ride you definitely don’t want to ride after lunch, or face the consequences! (even though I didn’t throw up.)

The Gully Washer was also a cool ride. This is a water ride where you will definitely get wet! This ride had a tube that was really warm when you got on it. This ride is filled with mini waterfalls (my group got scared when they saw one) and weird splashing things that will definitely make you wet. I was soaked when I got off. This is a ride I will definitely ride next year. But, the last ride I rode was the Scream.

The Scream was one of the free fall rides. I actually rode this a couple of times. My legs were dangling when it slowly went up. Then, it shot up and you could see some of the rides like the Batman: The Ride and the Superman. Then we go back down, then up. But after a while, you go to the top of the tower, and then you hear a click. You wait there, it feels like 10 seconds, but before you know it, it drops straight down, then up, and down until it ends.

Overall, Six Flags was really fun. I really enjoyed the rides, the food there (although it was really expensive), and I really liked a prank we did to people who left our group (long story). I am ready to go next year, even if that means that I have to wake up really early.

The Mystery

It had been raining for 3 days now. It was never going to stop. As Dr. Carter looked out the window, she sighed. The trees were bending down with heavy rain drops making the leaves fall off, the rain slowly tricked down her window, which looked very dark outside, and there were also giant puddles, filling up more and more with water. As she continued to write a essay about the death of a kid, she held back tears, which were trying to fight their way to drip on the  paper.

But the deaths.

She saw too many deaths in the last year. Too many, she just wanted to quit. She was one of the best doctors in the world. Suddenly, the lights went out unexpectedly. She cursed silently. This was the 5th time that is happened today. She quickly reached for a flashlight. Even though she couldn’t see, she found it quickly because it was right next to her. She continued writing. But as she was almost done finishing the essay, the room went dark again. She cursed again. Then she heard a sound.

A helicopter.

“No way, no way.” Dr. Carter whispered. This was the weirdest thing she had heard here while it was raining. She heard the roar of the helicopter blades, getting closer and closer. Dr. Carter opened the door of her office, and dashed out to the helicopter landing. She knew her way, even though it was dark. The sound was getting louder, or did it seem like it suddenly stopped? Dr. Carter flung open the door outside, and she nearly got blown off into the rainforest if there wasn’t a handrail to support her. The raindrops soaked Dr. Carter as she was squinting to find the helicopter. She soon found it. The helicopter, with the blades slowly rotating, was heading straight towards the helicopter pad. The blades stopped spinning, but it was heading towards the helicopter pad at a strange angle.

It was going to crash.

As Dr. Carter slowly backed up from the helicopter pad, as it crashed. The window shattered against the concrete helicopter pad, the blades flew off the helicopter, into the forest, as the helicopter rammed into the rail guard that had a weird shape, the landing skids, crushed so easily like it was made out of paper, hit the ground in at a weird angle. It was the worst thing Dr. Carter ever saw. Two men were struggling out of the helicopter, bleeding everywhere from the hands to their arms and their head to their legs. One of them, Brian, was one of her best friends. She rushed over to help them out and get the wounded man from the helicopter, which he had fallen out and got a couple of new wounds. Brian and Dr. Carter rolled him down a ramp, into a operation room (The lights were back on again). The assistant checked on the pilot, who layed upside down and appeared to have a couple of wounds. He was unconscious and the assistance also rolled him to the same operation room they were in. He was still alive, and he was not badly wounded.

As Dr. Carter was examining the wounds, Brain and his assistant, Maur, were washing the wounds with this substance.

Dr. Carter was muttering, “The legs, no he is probably not going to die…wait! The arms, that looks like a rough injury, probably not a weapon, it looks more like a bite to me.” She kept muttering until Brain interrupted her.

“Wait! You said that those wounds were bites?” Brian asked.

“Yes,” Dr. Carter replied. “It is probably not a dog bite though, I never seen one of these… in a long time..” as Dr. Carter started muttering to herself again.

“Okay,” Dr. Carter finally said. “We will need some high-tech tools to fix these!” Dr. Carter sounded excited as she took out a key and unlocked it a closet, and she had to do this eye scan. The closet opened, and she took out a very heavy box. She placed it on a table next to the wounded man. She hurried and got some gloves and other equipment for the other people inside the operation room. She also got some assistants to help her. But before she started the procedure, she saw the hand twitch.

The hand was moving.

Slowly, the hand reached up. The other people around her gasped, and the wounded man sat up quickly. He looked around, and he was scared. Before anybody could pin him down, he vomited blood. Dr. Carter screamed, as the man got off the seat, he grabbed a sharp tool from a tray. The tool was so sharp, when you stab it in your arm,  it could cut through your skin, into your muscle, it would break your bone, and it could could out of the other side of your arm. He charged at Dr. Carter, his face full of confusion, and knocked her down to the ground. Dr. Carter kicked his face. His expression was full of fury. He raised the sharp tool, and before he brought it down, the room went dark, again.

The last thing that was heard was a scream.

To be continued…

Inspired by Michael Crichton, Jurassic Park









A Story

The first wound was deep. Bryan thought this was the only horrible, deep wound, but of course he was always wrong. As he found more, the deeper the wounds got, until he saw a faint white spot and he knew  he was going to faint.

“What happened to this man?” asked Bryan, his face almost as pale as chalk.

“We’re uncertain,” replied John, “We saw him go through these doors, and then twenty minutes later, he came out, covered in blood and green stuff. After that he fainted on the spot.”

“Interesting,” Bryan said, examining the wounds one more time. “Unfortunately, we don’t have the right tools here to fix this, so we will have to bring him to another hospital more complex than us.”

“What!” John exclaimed, “We can’t transport him, he will be dead in minutes!”

“That’s the only choice,” Bryan replied, “He will go to this island, where he will be treated, he will probably survive.”

“Fine then,” John replied, “Make it quick, I won’t be coming to the island though, I got other business to do.”

“I thought he was your best friend though,” Bryan said, with a look of suspension on his face.

“I don’t want to see him covered in green muck and blood anymore,” John replied.

Bryan sighed as he turned his head and faced his assistant, Maur

“Get the helicopter, now,” Bryan demanded.

His assistant, Bruner, ran away, to get a helicopter. As Bryan and John wheeled this person up a ramp. It was sunny, but windy outside.

They hauled the man up the helicopter. Bryan wiped his hand on his forehead as they started to go up.

“So, do you know anything about this “castle”,” Bryan said unexpectedly to his assistant.

“I do actually,” replied Maur, “It is a rumor that there is a cursed spirit that lives there. The spirit used to be a greedy man, where he stole a lot  of money one day and he kept it in a castle. Of course I don’t believe there is such spirit in there, because that man who is on here, has green stuff on him. I believe this is a substance that come from the water. There are probably a bunch of weapons in there that he accidentally touched.”

“Thanks,” Bryan muttered. The information didn’t matter to him that much. He was concentrating on the view. It seemed to might’ve gotten much darker and more foggier since he looked out the window last time. The ocean looked like a dark blue, never-ending expanse of angry waves. Then the helicopter shuddered, and then it went dark. Bryan couldn’t see anything expect for the waves below him. Bryan looked at his assistant, who was as whiter than his face was. There was a queasy feeling to his stomach, as though something was wrong. Then the helicopter went violently to the right, then to the left, over  and over again. Then Bryan thought of something:

The wounded man.

The wounded man was hopefully still on the cart. The helicopter lurched forward, so intense that Bryan nearly fell off his seat. Then, as though he had expected it, the helicopter started to go downwards.

Straight into the ocean.

To be continued…



Why Summer Break is Too Long

It happens to be the last day of school. The final bell rang, and there was a rush to the exit. It was finally summer break, after many months of boring school, it was over. Students were relieved of doing homework, waking up early, and staying up too late. The long summer break is probably going to last until you get school-sick again. There are reasons why summer break is way too long.

One reason why summer break is way too long is that you will soon get really bored. You will see enough movies, sleep enough, and do other stuff. The process happens over and over again for about three months until school starts again, and you pay attention. Even though there is vacation, it will soon end, and you will get very bored. Bored of doing the same thing over and over again, you will soon wish there was school. That is why you will get really bored over summer break.

Another reason why summer break is too long is that you barley get to socialize with your friends when you actually physically see them, and talk to them. You can imagine a bridge you have to cross until you finally get to talk to your friends mostly everyday. Texting on the phone won’t do most of the work to actually get into good conversations. One person might be doing something, while the other person is trying to start a good conversation. This might work much easier if we just limit more summer break. We can talk almost everyday, then wait for a while before you can see them again. That is why you can barley socialize physically with your friends almost everyday.

Who will be willing to get a less summer break before the start of school? Sure, you can hang out in the mall, see a movie, or have a sleepover, but that is just a couple days compared to a lot of weeks. Even though summer break may seem very exciting, it is definitely too long.


Stuck in the Park

Have you ever been stuck in a park? You probably got the sensation that you can never get out. Of course, you probably never been stuck in the park before, because you are always with your parents. Unfortunately, I have been stuck in the park and I hate it.

One reason is that you get bored easily. During the summer when I went to Disney World, my group (consisting of Freddy, Lucus, Albert, and me), were stuck inside the park for at least 30 minutes before we could get out. You can see how bored we were. I can probably sleep during the 30 minutes we waited. While texting my brother and looking for people over 14 who could get us out, that is some boring job. The rule after all is that you have to be accompanied by someone 14 or older. Being stuck inside Magic Kingdom can be super boring.

Another reason is that it is very time-consuming. Waiting in Magic Kingdom for 30 minutes can spend a lot of time from all the rides you could’ve rode during that 30 minutes. You could’ve even finished waiting for a ride. After all, we only have a full day to ride these rides. It can get very time-consuming waiting there when you can be riding other rides.

Even though I hate being stuck in that park, I think it’s still a safe rule. We could’ve not ditched the other group we were in, and instead go with them. Of course I still hate getting stuck in that park, but there are other ways to solve them.


There is some things I left out of this, so I’m going to tell you right now:

My group was heading to Epcot until we got stopped by this man that was guarding the front of the park. He asked us if we were 14 or older, but sadly, we weren’t. So, Albert just answered no. We were told to stay in the park until some chaperone picked us up. So, we stayed in the shade, wasting our time, until we finally got out by another group. We had to wait outside for the other group we left behind before we went into Space Mountain. It was mine idea, after we left Space Mountain, to wait for the other group. So, don’t blame me for getting stuck in the park.

Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts

After my group entered Diagon Alley, we went straight to the only ride in Diagon Alley: Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts. Diagon Alley was surrounded by this huge stone wall. It was really tall, and it was also really cool. My group was going to ride single-rider first, then we were going shopping in Diagon Alley afterwards. So, we made Lucus take care of our stuff so we could ride this ride.

We waited a while in line. We then picked up our 3-D glasses from a black box, because it was a 3-D ride. We waited in the line for a while until we finally got into this huge cave. There were stairs leading up to the ride. There was another line next to us that was for the regular line. It was empty though, until a lot people suddenly came in.

We were slowly advancing up the stairs. This place was really dark except for a couple of lights. Since we were in the single-rider line, and my group was pretty big, we would be separated. So, we decided to meet up where Lucus was after we finished the ride. Since I was one of the people in the front of our group, I got to go on the ride first. I had to sit with another person in our group. Then we lurched forward and we started to go into the darkness.

The ride started out really slow. We then found ourselves in a dark chamber. Then one of those Gringotts carts came along. They were across from us though. They said something and someone shot lightning out from a wand. It made a hole on the ground, so we just went down through it.

After that, we found ourselves next to another cart. Another cart suddenly came down, but it fell because there were these weird giant things that knocked the carts out. It then saw us, and they started to head straight towards us. We then lurched forward and we found ourselves next to this man. He was talking something about Gringotts. However, a dragon was there so it breathed fire. That guy did the water spell, and some water splashed over me. Then, we went forward to go somewhere again.

This time, we found ourselves across from a gate. It blew up, and I flinched. Then, there was a snake that tried to bite us. We then saw shadows of two people: Voldemort and Bellatrix. Voldemort was demanding that we had to tell him where Harry Potter was. However, since it was a screen that he was on, we couldn’t tell him. Then, Bellatrix fired this lightning spell at us, and we went to a cavern that was mostly red.

After we showed up here, Voldemort and Bellatrix suddenly appeared. Voldemort did this spell, but the dragon that Harry, Hermione, and Ron were on shot fire. The dragon defended us until Voldemort and Bellatrix disappeared. It then made a hole to let us out. We then lurched forward and we were surrounded by debris and dust.

We went through that for about a couple of seconds. Then, we saw sunlight coming through this hole. The dragon was climbing up to escape. The man that appeared before was standing before us. He said some words, and we went forward and we were at the stopping point. We then got out, stretched, and walked out of there.

I liked this ride, because it was interesting. There was cool action, and it was 3-D. It wasn’t exactly liked the part in the book, but I stilled enjoyed this ride. This concludes the end of my rides in Universal Studios. Thank you for reading!





Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

Before dinner, Albert and I went to Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. We decided to ride single rider, since there was barley any waiting time. I highly regret it though, since there was a lot more stuff to see if you go to the regular line.

Universal - Hogwarts Jeff Krause via Compfight

I had to sit next to these random people, since we were in the single rider line. We were facing on one side, not forward though. We were on this moving thing, like a treadmill, until we finally took off into the darkness. We passed the clocks or the big moving things that looked liked big circles in Hogwarts. Finally, it looked like we were on the grounds of Hogwarts. We got to the Quidditch Stadium where we met Harry. We then encountered a dragon.

The dragon started to chase Harry. So, we followed Harry into the forest, where we lost sight of him. The forest was actually pretty creepy. There was spiders there. We came really close to one also. Then, we eventually came out of the Forbidden Forest, and we saw Harry again.

This ride is actually one of those part simulator rides and part “flying” rides. So, we just stayed in front of the screen and followed Harry’s movements across the screen. We were still inside the Quidditch Stadium, until some dementors showed up.

The dementors started to surround us, until we lost sight of Harry, I was pretty sure we were somewhere random. It turns out the dementors were there also, so they had to do the dementor’s kiss. You could just feel air coming from your head, to the dementor. It didn’t feel that bad, just extra cold air rushing away from you.

Harry did his Expecto Patronum spell. Then we flew back to Hogwarts. It was more lighter than it was when we started. The ride finally ended, and I felt a bit dizzy. I walked out with my friends, and we decided to go ride Dragon Challenge again.

I don’t know how many rides I rode in all, so I’m just blogging about random rides I already knew I rode. Next is probably going to be my last ride, that is interesting, at Universal Studios: Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts.

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey - Hogwarts CastleCreative Commons License Marco Becerra via Compfight


Jurassic Park River

At this time at Orlando, I was just with a group of three. They were Justin, Albert, and of course, Harvey. We were now going to ride the Jurassic Park River Adventure. This is a water ride where you get kind of wet. Trust me, the one in California is much scarier. The T-Rex is always the last animal you see on the ride.

This ride starts out kind of smooth. It gets to a part that has a big gate, and on it saids “Jurassic Park.” After you pass that gate, there is a speaker voice that is basically the narrator. He talks about creatures that are around you. There is especially one that comes up from the water. It is a nice and steady ride. It suddenly turns, and you are next to an open gate. I knew what this had meant.

A voice said that we were entering in some kind of “Raptor Containment Area.” Then, it also said that we had to keep our hands, knees inside the boat. That is basically what every roller coaster’s rule. We were now moving into some kind of laboratory zone where dinosaurs were kept. It looked very broken. There was a broken boat there, and another one somewhere to my right, at least I think so. Then, suddenly we were going up where is was partially dark, except for a couple of lights.

There were suddenly flashing red sirens. This place must be the part where the T-Rex lives. Dinosaurs popped out everywhere. Two also squirted out water. It wasn’t that scary till I saw it: the T-Rex.

It loomed out of the darkness from the steam that was around it. I knew that the drop was near. I was ready to get my hands up and scream! We were moving slowly though. The T-Rex looked like it was moving. The head was turning, but you couldn’t see the rest of the body. Now as we were tilting over to go down the drop, the T-Rex looked down at us. Then, I felt water splash all over me.

This was a very cool ride. The ride still went on for 1 minute or more. It was a great ride though. The drop wasn’t too scary, because I was ready for it. After the ride ended, my friends went to Hogsmeade mede again.

Thank you for reading! After this, I’m probably going to write about Harry and the Forbidden Journey.


Beware of the T-Rex! It might scare you!

Dragon Challenge

This is the first ride I rode when I was in Hogsmeade. Since there were no more places in the lockers that we had to put our stuff in, we had to take turns. I was paired wth someone, while the other two people hanged on to our stuff. The line took very long. It started with a winding path. Then, it went inside this miniature castle of Hogwarts. You circle around this model of the Triwizard Cup. Then, you go into the darkness, expect for a couple of lights.

Now, it looked Ike we were in a cave. The dim lights, the wet walls, the sharp edges. We kept on going until I saw this diversion. There was two rides. One was the Hungarian Horntail and the Chinese Fireball. The  Hungarian Horntail was more slower, but had more flips. The  Chinese Fireball was more faster though. I rode the Chinese Fireball, because the line was shorter.

Now, you all know that the Dragon Challenge was related to the story: Harry got into the Triwizard Tournament.The first challenge for him to complete was getting pass a dragon, and getting a golden egg. So, this was how it was related to the story.

Before I knew it, I was on the ride. I was hanging from my seat, and I was ready to go. I was hanging on, tightly, as our ride started going up. It then curved and went down. It was going at so much speed, that I could literally sallow the wind. It finally stopped after we did our first flip. I probably got kind of dizzy during the ride. It finally slowed down once we were near the end.

I really liked this ride because it went really fast. It flipped and barrel rolled a bunch of times. Even though the line was kind of long, I stilled enjoyed this ride.



Enjoy the video!

Rip Ride Rockit!

Today I’m going to write about Universal Studios. This ride is one of the best rides I rode. Right now, I will give you a brief description of the ride.

It will probably the first ride you see. It towers over you. It is actually 17 stories high! It goes straight up, then it goes down. It does a huge loop, and it goes out of sight. It also closes often, but it reopens again. I think it happens because it goes straight up.

This was the first ride my group was going to ride. Unfortunately, when my group trie to ride this ride the first time, it got closed. So, my group played for awhile. We ate at Diagon Alley before going to Rip Ride Rockit again.

This time, my group went into the ride that allowed single-riders, since there was less wait time. The line wasn’t that long, but it took a really long time to get to the ride. So, I just stood there for over and hour. I played with friends that were in my group. At last, I got to go on the ride.

The seat belt was a bit weird when you put it on. You had to put on this huge yellow thing from your side. It will then stay put, so you can barley move. Now, I could choose my own song to my right, but none of the songs were good. If you didn’t know this, I had to sit next to a random stranger because it was a single-rider line. At last, our roller coaster started going up.

This wasn’t one of those bad feeling. You had to keep your head up a bit, and you could also see the whole park around you. Before I knew it, we were gong down. I got that feeling in my stomach every time I go down a big drop. We did a big loop, went through something, and kept on going. It soon ended really quickly.

Even the ride was only a couple of minutes, it was still worth the wait. The next time I go to Universal, I will ride that ride again.

Hollywood Rip Ride RockitCreative Commons License Christian Benseler via Compfight

P.S. This was probably one of the steepest rides I ever rode. The most steepest ride was probably the Iron Rattler at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.







Please watch this awesome video!

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