Open letter

Dear Jean Valjean,


Hi Valjean I just read Les Miserables and discovered how great of a story it offers about life lessons and good decision making. I can’t believe that you went to prison for 19 years for stealing a loaf of bread! I mean that’s outrageous why would anybody deserve that type of punishment for that long. I really truly know your life story and I want to share that with you.

I want to know why you are so kind all of the time. I wish I could be that nice all the time but I’m just too cranky. You are the most chill character in les miserables and if anything negative comes up you handle it real well just like that time when you told Javert that you weren’t going to kill him because he hasn’t done wrong and that he can change. That was a lifesaver who knew that Javert was going to capture you and not kill you because you saved his life.

Valjean did you have to steal? Valjean when you stole that piece of bread were you thinking straight did you not have a job to give the bread to fantine, did you have to steal it? You should have had or gotten a job at that time or even begged for money to save her. Stealing shouldn’t have been a main priority of you.

Why did you stay and not leave the country when you had the chance to?
I think that it was stupid of you not to leave when you had the chance because you had the police after you and that annoying cop Javert too. If I were you I would of left the country even if cossette was in love with Marius just to be safe and not have to worry about being caught. I would then start a new life and help cossette out with school and stuff like that.

Thanks for reading this!




Almost end of school year!

As you know school is almost over and I can’t wait until summer and the long 3 month break!  Summer will just be a nice cool and relaxing no more school, grades and projects to do.

School off is a big deal, because this year I can stay home by myself and not have to be in a summer camp or babysat. This will be a nice change and now I can hang out with my friends more often.

I just can’t wait! In the begging of summer on June 1st I get to fly to Orlando Florida with the WRMS orchestra, we get to play hard songs, go to Disney and universal, and I get to stay in a room with my friends!

This is why I know summer will be so much fun because of the many possibilities I can do over the 3 month period. Also, the last day of school will be the greatest day of school I will ever see. Thanks for reading my blog post and I hope you have a great summer too!

Star composition

“If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it or work around it. – Michael Jordan
This amazing quote has inspired many people of the importance of never giving up, some people would just power through their goal and never give up.

Do you think if Michael Jordan had given up on training days, workout days and even that one extra shot in practice. Would he be an allstar, a hall of famer and the best basketball player in the world? NO!.

My point is if you gave up you would never accomplish your true goal,or defeat your obstacle. Sometimes, you have to keep your mind positive like thinking good thoughts and think nice things will happen and just know that you can do it.

You have to be strong mentally. When you’re feeling like you can’t take anymore just believe in yourself and power though. Remember to keep your mind positive, power through and most of all never give up.

Authors note:

Why Hulu is better than Netflix

Hulu and Netflix, the to most known places to watch shows over and over and over again. Well I’m here right now to tell you about how Hulu is so much better than Netflix.

First off, Hulu has current shows that are one TV right now. Netflix has some current shows, but not much it’s mainly movies and old TV shows.

I used to watch Netflix but then, Netflix removed all my favorite show and I got mad, the shows I watched were gone forever. That’s when I switched to Hulu to watch more of the shows that WERE on Netflix but are now on Hulu.

Like Rick and Morty for example there not on Netflix but there on Hulu, I think you get the point. Hulu also has movies just like Netflix some are recent, some are old and some are hilarious!

But  just in my opinion Hulu is better than Netflix because of the shows movies and various shows, and new things that are on TV right now.

Thanks for reading my blog post!

Saints Season Ending Play

The New Orleans Saints are one of my favorite teams in the NFL, but 2 weeks ago there season was brought to a bitter end by the Minnesota Vikings with a game winning touchdown by Stephon Diggs with seconds left in the game.

The Saints rolled over teams in the beginning in the season with a 4-1 record, and were doing pretty good until we started losing big games that would cost them a lot in playoff terms. Pretty much the season was the best they have been in a while and we had even made it to the playoffs.

There last couple of season have been bad like really bad, for the past 5 years we haven’t even been close to a playoff qualifier so this season is a good start. But the one thing about the playoffs is how nick foles from Westlake, it will also be the 2nd westlake quaterback to win a Super Bowl (besides Drew brees) Nick Foles was an all star at westlake along with Drew Brees. That concludes the NFL season for the Saints and overall.

Phantom of the opera

At first I didn’t know what phantom of the opera was until I was introduced to it. Phantom of the opera is actually better than I expected I liked the story the music, detail and the settings of the story.

My favorite song in the whole opera was the “Music of the Night”. My favorite character is the phantom because he’s just trying to hear music and he one of the only characters that I can know how he is.

The singing in phantom of the opera is really nice and I’m pretty sure that’s why it’s called phantom of the opera, the character I hate the most is Roul because he steals Christine from the phantom and he is just an all out bad character in my eyes. Overall I think that the phantom of the opera is a really good play and opera and I would rate it 5/5.

In real life I would love to see the the actual play both acts and I can’t wait to see the movie too. Thanks for reading.


New Orleans Saints (playoff picture)

The New Orleans saints are my favorite team in the NFL, I care about whether or not they will make the playoffs (which I’m sure they will) and if they can win the next 3 games. Right now they have with a 9-4 record and they only need at least 1 win to guaranteed spot      in the NFL  playoffs. With our offense and our amazing defense I am sure that we can pull something off.

The New Orleans saints losing Amakara one of our best scoring backs (out for concussion protocol) we surely dropped our chances, but we still have a lot of star players that can make big plays in our next few games and even playoffs. I’m almost 100% sure that we can clinch our playoff mark and win, because with Drew brees, Mark Ingram and Kenny vaccaro (all star players) then we can surely get into the playoffs and hope for an nfc championship!



New Orleans Saints .sanden. via Compfight

My fishing trip

Waking up at the crack of dawn
Easing out of my bed with three straight yawns.
I talk to my dad is the weather nice?
I walk outside it might as well be ice!

We pack up the car with all of our gear
It has been a long time but not close to a year.
We first go Rudy’s for breakfast
I got three tacos because they are precious.

We are done with our Rudy our bellies are full
I try to get in the car

We travel to the spot where we will surely win
I’m not talking about a sport but creatures with fins
We would walk to the spot about a mile
I walk down the path with a great big smile.

A nice creek with lots of fish
A nice big bass is my only wish
We both cast our rods
We see a catfish what are the odds

We get done fishing with 2 bass
We walk out and get past
The large grass
We are done with fishing

We get back to the car it was a good fishing day
This trip surely went my way
Maybe next time we’ll go fishing again
And hope the next time it won’t rain!


Thanksgiving is one of my favorite Holdidays! Its time for football and lots of eating, and I like both. Another reason Thanksgiving is my favorite Holliday is because relatives come from near and far. This year my grandparents are coming and they like football too! I cant wait till the cowboys and chargers play. My grandfather loves to throw the football to me.

I’m hoping the cowboys win. But, my grandparents are from New Orleans and are big saints fans. Being from New Orleans my grandmother is a great cook. They will drive the entire 10 hour to Austin with an ice chest full of fish, shrimp, and pat pie. Pat pie is a French pie that is very hard to find because it’s difficult to make and not many people know how to make it.

Thanksgiving is a special time of year when family and friends gather together. Unlike Christmas and Easter, it is one of the only holidays that all people in America celebrate, that’s why its my favorite Holliday.