Every Friday

Every Friday my teacher, Miss Kriese, assigns my class a blog post. We have to get the blog post done on Friday or we get a 0 in the grade book. A matter a fact this blog post is going up on my grade book. I am writing this because I have run out of ideas.

I don’t know why we have a blog or why we have to write one.I think Miss Krisse has us write a blog post to help us with the STAAR test or just to write to write. Sometimes I don’t like my blog posts because I don’t know what to write about. I come up with ideas but the story is just not there. I sometimes write about football or my sports.I have lots of ideas in my writers note book that I should brake out for next week.

Some of my friends hate blog post but they love to write . Most people in my class in joy writing but not me the only thing I’m only good at telling story’s on the go. All though blog posts are believe it or not kinda fun. I like on some weeks to get my ideas out. Also to tell story’s from things I have experienced in my life. Blog posts are fun!(sometimes)



Wake up!

“Hayden get your butt up the, bus comes in 5min”, said my sister Julia.”Whaa”,as I leaned up. I jumped out of bed. I went straight to the short drawer. I looked threw in seeing white shorts, black shorts.”Ooa I like those”,I said. I put my legs threw the holes.

I looked up and grabbed a random white shirt and put it on. I put my slides on and charged the restroom. I put some tooth paste on my toothbrush. I went back to my room and got my backpack. I threw my backpack around my shoulder and I was ready for war. I went to the kitchen to make me a nice buttery blueberry bagel. As I was outing the butter on ” squeeeek” I look up threw the window to see my bus.

I grab the bagel and run straight out the door. I jump down the stairs and head down the straight away black road. I start jumping and waving to get the bus driver attention. The bus starts to move forward ,then “bloop” the bus starts and the whole bus looks like it flew forward. As I run around the side of the bus and up the stairs I look up at are bus driver “thank you”, I said.

Why we should have no homework!

“Today you will be finishing the back at home,”said my math teacher. “There’s a back,”I said.This happens to me almost every day with all my classes. I always have something to do at home. Plus when have the most homework it’s on tests days so I have to do double the work.

I feel like we should have no homework and I have lots of reasonings.1st tests are worth 50%your grade and hw is usually 10%. If we didn’t have homework on test days we would mostly have more time to study and get a good grade. I always have to stop my studying to 2 things to clean my room or do homework and both are horrible!

My 2nd reason is to have fun. Nobody wants to come home and get straight on there homework. I personally would like to come home and go straight over to my friends house or play video games. When I do my homework and ask to go over to my parents it’s already time for dinner.
My 3rd and finally reason is to not waste are first 20 min of class on checking it. I would like to play I kahoot  and learn more about the subject. I will be straight up honest I do not like homework and never will.


Spring break

Spring break is most here and I’m ready for no school for a week. Also I get to sleep in for a week which is awesome. On my last to spring breaks I got to go somewhere but this spring break I get to go no where.Last year I went to Santa Fe to go snowboarding. I wish we were but it doesn’t matter we are planing to go somewhere for Summer so I guess it’s good.

I’m going to sleep in till 9 a clock and don’t get to hear my alarm clock is a win win for me. I love spring break it’s fun and cool to have. I don’t know why other people don’t like it come on, no school. No homework ,no 8 hours of sitting down nothing just a little fun.

Spring break for me is a preview of summer straight up awesome . I’m already ready to go on the jet skis and swim. Last time I rode on my jet skis was in the summer. It was just too cold to take it out this winter. But I’m ready to take it out and have a amazing 7 days of heaven. I love spring break and I’m already ready for it to be here!

Madden moblie

Madden mobile is the game. To play on your mobile device, Madden mobile is pretty much football but you can make your own team. Players can be up to 99 overall and the lowest you can be is a 55 overall. There are bronze players, silver players, gold players, and Elite players which are red. There are also bronze, silver, gold, and also elite trophies. With trophies you  can put them into sets and get players.

Sets is where you can get cards from live events and unlock whatever is in the set.
It’s awesome and helps out alot with getting more coins when you sell them in auctions.

A auction is where you can sell or buy players. Depending on the player overall is how much it costs to buy from the auction.You can buy whatever you want any player you just have to have the coins.

You can also do Live events:Live Events can help you with your Sets to get players and coins.The best part of Madden Moblie is your team and I’ll tell you why. With your teams overall, you can ask to be in other people leagues and play with them. Its overall a awesome game and I am upsested with it.

First Fish!

“Click” the lights flash on in my cabin room.”Rise and shine”,my grampa says.  I jump out of my bed and throw my fishing shirt on, my oakleys ,and throw on a hat, and grabbed my shoes.  I had ran out of my room , and I take 3 steps and look down and had realized, I had no pants on or socks.  I ran back to my room and had put on just that.
Me and grampa had hooked on the boat to the car and were on are way.  To Lake Texoma, which is 5 min from your cabin.

On the way there it felt like a hour on the way to the lake.  Zoom,zoom we were on the lake.”Im going to take you too the best spot”,  Said Grampa. I looked up and smiled.

We got to the spot and it was like a lake cul-de-sac with rocks every where.  My grampa handed me a fishing pole. I wind back and cast in out 30 to 40 feet away. I slowly bring it back. I start wheeling it up. Till I get to the boat. I wind it up and cast it again…NOTHING. I cast it out 5 to 7 times more. “Huh I guess the fish aren’t biting today”, said Grampa. I turn around and wined up and cast it out on the other side of the boat.  Around 20 yards away.”Splash”, my line had hit the water. I slowly start bringing it back.”Zip”,the line had been going to the side like the line was alive. I pull my reel up and start wineding the fish up. My 8 year old right arm was burning up. I pulled my line up as hard as I can. When I get the fish to the boat. My grandpa put the net in and grabbed the fish out.

I had caught my first ever fish!

History Poem

Armadillo the Hard Shell Marsupial

by Hayden Rubino

You know Wombat and Opossum and Macrpods and Phalangeriform and Dasyurids and Shrew opossum and Diprotodontia and Pygmy possum and Marsupial mole.
But do you recall
The most famous marsupial of all?
Armadillo the hard shelled marsupial.
Had a never hard shell
and if you ever touched it
You would say it’s hard
All of the other marsupials
Used to laugh and call him names
They would never let poor armadillo
Join in any marsupial games
Then one foggy Chrismas Eve
The marsupial came to say
“Armadillo , with your shell so hard
Won’t you roll and pull my pecan log tonight?”
Then how the marsupial loved him
As they shouted out with glee
“Armadillo the hard shell marsupial
You’ll go down in Texas History”.

Authers Note–I wrote this for History Class and thought it was very funny. I had to sing it out for the class and couldn’t say some of those crazy animals…


Shoes…shoes…shoes there’s lots of shoes.Shoes are my favorite clothing, when I go to school. I like shoes because they make me happy. When I see a nice pair of shoes in the shoe store I beg my parents to let me buy them. I’m like a kid in a candy shop.I love the smell of yeezys, I swear they smell like heaven.

There’s lot of types of shoes.There’s cleats, golf shoes , basketball shoes. There’s also lots of brands… There’s Nike, Adidas , Under Armor, and Jordan.Those 4 brands are probably my favorite.

I like to sell and buy shoes making money and getting shoes for free is the best.I have a obsession for shoes.


Have you ever been obsessed with something and can’t get off it?   Well, I’m obsessed to NBA 2K17. I play it day and night.

When I’m on 2k, I play my career which you can make your own player.Also you can play in my park and you can upgrade your player to get your player better and better. The best you can get in the game is 99ovr.

My player is 6’4 and he a point guard he is a straight up baller.He is by far a play maker. In 2k I have a 21 point averge which is rly good. Yesterday, I couldn’t believe it I had made a triple double. I had 24 points,11 rebounds ,and 13 assists it was awesome.

Everytime  any of my friends come over we always play and I always beat them by 20 every time. My favorite team is the 1990s Charlotte Hornets with Muggsy Bogues the shortest player all time in the NBA at my height 5’3. Some people call it luck but I call it skill in NBA 2K17.


1st basketball tournament!

I have never played real tournament basketball before.I woke up early 5:45Am because are game was in San Marcos and at 7:30?!?..It was crazy ate 2 waffles and then I was on the 45 minute drive to San Marcos!


I finally got pumped up to play some basketball.The felt forever like 268653466 hours not even kidding there was a car wreck for something happened that dad told me.I got there at around 7:00 as a walked to to the gym my team playing and shooting around getting wormed up.I hustled over to the bench and put my slides in my bag and tie the shoes then stand up and wiped the bottom of my shoes I was ready to go!


When it was time for tip off I was as nervous as if I was hanging on a cliff.”coo coco” the whistle blew the ref threw the ball in the air -JUMP BALL-.The player on the other team slapped the ball and I caught it right in my hands I passed to Zach..Easy lay up.At the end of the game we won by 42 the score was 54 to12.Then after the game we went to the Nike store that was nearby and ate subway it was fun and good to be honest.

For the second game we got back 30 min before are game was so excited and ready to go!The second game then team that we played were no good at all…We won 46..to to…0 I felt so bad that we beat them by that much…Ouch.

We had one more game to play the third game we had to wait 1 hour before playing I watch the team that we played before us they were pretty good when the game ended it was time to play one more game.

We played bad the first half then stepped it up.In the second half we stored 75% of are total points.The game ended up 48 to 15 we played great the second half.Over all the basketball tournament was so fun!