Helping Others

Helping others makes them and everyone else happy. Pass the joy around. First of all, the people that you help can then help others with their problems. Take Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for example; he gave some speeches about racism and now mostly everyone has no problems with others that are different than them. […]

Super Bowl 50

Even though that I am a soccer fan, that doesn’t mean I can’t watch one the biggest sports events in the U.S.A. every single year. That is the Super Bowl. Most people watch it for the commercials or the halftime show, but some people go all out for the actual game. I really don’t care […]


Tree houses are important if you want either a cool office or a small, but cozy house. Every weekend with my dad and brother, we always watch a show called “Treehouse Master” which is a guy that builds treehouse a just if you call him. We always dream about build one ourself, but never get […]

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