Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is coming up in 2 weeks and everyone is pumped, but The last days of school are really when teachers load up on tests and projects and homework. This Friday alone, I have 3 tests! Although, once school is over, the real fun begins. My summer is booked. I’m going to the Bahamas, on a mission trip and doing lots of camps too. Every summer my family has a tradition where, every morning, we go out and do some sort of sport. Monday, Wednesday, Friday are soccer days, and Tuesdays and Thursdays are free days. Sundays are our traditional running days when my brother, my dad and I run 5 miles along the trails behind my house. The only dread about my summers is the math. Every year my dad forces me to do 3 pages of advanced math in a book that is always 1 year ahead of the math level that I will be in the next school year. The rule is that we can’t do practically anything until I do our math. Anyways, my summer should be (mostly) a blast. Hope you guys have a good summer!

Invasion Chapter 5: Preporations

I look out the window of the helicopter as I am taken off the ground once again. Though anxious about leaving the ground, I am still comforted from being under the sky. A few hours later I find myself in what was once called “The Pentagon” but is now the most advanced building on the planet, and is called “The Interceptor”.

It is used for one purpose and one purpose only—to prevent the apocalypse. Once we land I am escorted to the 8th wing, the wing that was made to prevent world destruction by an extraterrestrial force. There are 9 other wings besides 8. the 1st wing is to prevent extinction from the sun, the 2nd from artificial intelligence,  the 3rd from disease, the 4th from pollution, the 5th from war, 6th from animal evolution, 7th from weather disaster, 9th is for an unexpected Armageddon and lastly wing 10. This wing is the armory,  where we make weapons for wings 2, 5, 6 and 8. it is also where we store our piece of the psyphonium weapon.

I step into the room and see people all over the room watching the destruction of my battle station over and over again. Then I look to my left and I see some sort of chart that has 8 different shapes on it, one is crossed out with an X.  Then I notice a small timer It reads 2:14:19:35:37. I know exactly what it means—2 1/2 months left.

GT Exhibition

At our school we have a gifted and talented program. Once a week we get to leave Social Studies and go to GT. We do all sorts of things like projects, games, mind-teasers and tons more. Every year we have to do a passion project. You get to study whatever you want and then you present it to the school. I decided that I wanted to build a quadcopter.

So I look online and it turns out it is harder than you think. You have to buy all the parts, and then research tons of info. Once I found out all the pieces I needed, I was finally ready to order the kit that supposedly had everything I needed. So as soon as it came in, I went to work. I worked for hours trying to make the base with the parts and It wasn’t that hard. I started to think this project wasn’t going to be that complicated after all.

That was, until I looked at the electronics. I looked at all the pieces and it turns out that there is no power source. So I went online to amazon and order a battery. A couple of days later, the battery arrived and I went back to work. So I tried plugging the battery into a bunch of random spots on the motherboard to see if I could power it up. As soon as I plugged in the battery, the motherboard exploded. So I had to go to amazon to order a new motherboard. I was starting to get a little nervous now that I knew that the pieces were so fragile and that the exhibition was only a couple weeks away. The motherboard came in and I made sure NOT to plug  the battery into it, instead I did extensive research and found out how to power the board.

Eventually I finally got the whole thing put together and I went to check if everything was working right before I put on my final touches. I found out that one of the motors wasn’t spinning the right direction so I attempted to fix it by rearranging the wires, but instead of spinning the right direction, one of the pieces caught on fire. So what do I have to do? I have to go to amazon again and buy another piece. That is how my GT exhibition project is going so far. Wish me luck!


The moonlight shines on the field below

 who will win? nobody knows

the last play of the night about to commence

a kick will be taken by the team’s offence 

a kick from the corner, one favored by plenty 

a goal was soon to be made and was seen by many

the kicker lines up for a perfect cross

then he hits the ball without the thought of a loss

the ball soars through the air like a bird in flight 

the offence watches as the ball comes in sight

the lead forward steps up to the ball 

and heads it in, they’ve won it all

the crowd is cheering, all filled with glee

for their team has won, and they are as happy as can be.



Soccer, Football, Net, Goal, Soccer Goal This poem is about the best sport that ever existed: soccer. I really enjoyed writing this poem because it really brings out my love for the game. It was interesting to see the difference between writing a poem about soccer rather than just writing about how much I enjoy playing it.



Pixabay CC0

3 of the Best Places To Go In Texas

When you think of Texas I bet you think of cowboys, ranches, or maybe the Longhorns, but you I bet the thought of a vacation never crossed your mind, well hopefully this post will change your mind.

1. The Alamo

Alamo Downtown, San Antonio, Texas, Alamo Plaza, Alamo

Pixabay CC0

If your into history, this is probably the most interesting monument you will come across. The Alamo is an old Spanish mission that was used as a fortress to defend against Mexico when Texas was on the path to independence.

The Alamo

2. The Tower of the Americas

Tower Of The Americas, Texas

Pixabay CC0

The Tower of the Americas is a 750-foot tower that overlooks the whole city of San Antonio. The very top slowly spins 360° while you eat at the Chart House restaurant.

The Tower of the Americas 

3. Fiesta Texas

Six, Flags, Rollercoaster, Roller, Coaster, Ride, Park

Pixabay CC0

Fiesta Texas is one of the best amusement parks in Texas. There are fast rides for thrill seekers or just lazy rides for people who want to relax.


Fiesta Texas




Invasion Chapter 4: Prepare For War

News cameras flashing everywhere you look. It feels so strange to be back on Earth after years of work on the moon. About ten minutes later, my eyes adjust and I look over the crowd and see an army helicopter landing about 100 yards away. Once the helicopter landed, a general stepped out. After he took his first step on the ground, the world went into immediate silence. He slowly walked over to me and asked “Who are you?” His voice was deep and firm, definitely one fit for a general. I answered and said “I was the general of our moon battle station and—” He put his hand on my mouth and whispered “If you want to live another day, follow me and don’t say another word. I obeyed because I wasn’t going to die after I went through an alien invasion. I followed him to the helicopter and we started to fly off. About an hour later, we reach the pentagon and we go in. After several twists and turns, we reach the meeting room and we sit down with about ten other generals. One of them asked “What are we dealing with?” before anyone else could say anything, I said “Prepare for extraterrestrial war.”

Invasion Chapter 3: Back to Earth

I wake up from hypersleep and find myself still in the pod. The windows are burned, making it impossible for light to seep through them. I look around the pitch black pod and feel around for the door. The lever was nowhere. I finally find some sort of lever and pull it.

Light rushes in, and I see the world for the first time in a while. People all around the pod which is swarmed by people with news cameras and microphones and whatever the news technology is these days. All their cameras suddenly shift as I walk out the door. Everyone starts to ask questions about who I was and where I came from.

All I knew was that I needed to see the U.S. President and tell him where I came from and to prepare for an extraterrestrial war.

Invasion Chapter 2: The Last Survivor

I look back to and catch a glimpse of something, a blur, but my curiosity would have to wait. I push the button to the door, it opens and I find myself looking at a damaged escape pod. If I used the pod, my chances of survival would be slim. I turn around once more and see blurs multiply into dozens, hundreds, thousands. My adrenaline grows with each new blur that appears.

I find myself sprinting again to the next escape pod. My chance of survival is dropping rapidly, but not as fast as my heart was beating. The ground crumbles at my feet splitting the facility in half. The situation gives me 2 choices—the right pod or the left pod. I chose right, and finally reached the door. As I see this the crack in the ground as it starts growing and growing, soon it will be nearly impossible to cross again. I open the pod and see a nightmare come true. The pod was part of the invasion, and a creature was waiting for me.

This is the first time to see one of the aliens with detail. It looked like sharp rocks as feet and some sort of metal woven inside it. After that split second of analyzing,  my conscience tells me to run, and I start my sprint to the last door and jump as far as I can barely reaching the edge of the crack, and reach the door, and relief floods my body. The pod was completely intact. I step in and take a last look at the station and all the aliens coming towards me. I step in and seal the door. As I fall asleep, I think of what happened and how I am the last survivor.

Invasion Chapter 1: Oblivion

Explosions erupt from all sides of me as I sprint towards another door. Screams pierce the ears of anyone who hears them—even then, they still emit from everywhere. After each door I run through, the horror continues to  get worse and worse and worse. As I run I watch as years of work, centuries of technology destroyed. Sprinting for my life seems to come naturally, almost like an instinct. Sirens drown out by the blasts.

10 doors left: I see the ceiling start to crack and on the verge of collapse. 9 doors left: I see a man dead on the ground, and something lodged in his head —not something man-made. 8 doors left: someone screams in the distance but not far in the distance. 7 doors left: another explosion, one that came from the main support beam. 6 doors left: 10 guards on the ground each lay hopeless, but my conscience convinces me that I will not have the same fate.

5 doors left: I hear another scream, closer than the last one, so close it sounds like it was only 50 feet behind me. 4 doors left: the walls start to cave in, and I hear a scream once more-this time not from a human. 3 doors left: something is catching up to me; I can hear its footsteps clanging on the metal floor. 2 doors left: I hear the ceiling fall in the other room and now I hear the footsteps multiplying—I don’t dare look back. The last door: I sprinted like my life depended on it, an army of creatures behind me; I see the last door, the ceiling cracks, I hear explosions from behind me and I tell myself: I need to survive for 5 more seconds. the countdown starts in my head. I see the last door. I reach for the button, but something reached me first.

Invasion Summary

I am the commander of the X-327 moon battle station. The first base ever made to sustain life on the moon. We are here to research and harvest the most powerful and destructive element known to mankind: Psyphonium. This element has so much power, we could only think of  one thing to do with it: make a weapon.

The leaders of the world decided that the only reason we would ever use it would be to kill off an extraterrestrial race that threatened to be the cause of our extinction.

We knew that this power had to be split up between the world, a piece of the weapon would be split between 10 locations throughout the solar system: 5 on Earth, 2 on Mars, 2 on the moon and the last would be shot out into space but would  teleport back in the case of an emergency once every 3 months. Most people believed that life outside of Earth was impossible—but, of course, fate had proven mankind wrong once again.