Morph Chapter 1: The Apocolypse


I stare off into the distance and see the worst sight I’ve seen in my life, I see buildings in perfect condition, windows clean enough to be a mirror and tall enough to touch the clouds. Everything about them is flawless, but in them, a disaster. The desks perfectly aligned and cleaner than the outside. impending stormsCreative Commons License paul bica via Compfight

All so perfect, too perfect- all of the hundreds of thousands of buildings laid before me empty. All I can hear is the endless mocking laughter of the demons that roam the streets. They are not human anymore, they have been infected with M.O.R.P.H. It has made the population collapse from billions to thousands. A man-made disaster that ended the United states. I live alone, without a future and with a corrupted past. All this due to warfare between countries. The human race destroyed themselves without a flash of thought. Extinction never crossed their mind, and now they are all gone except for a lucky few that survived stage 1.  A chosen few that will truly witness the apocalypse.



3 thoughts on “Morph Chapter 1: The Apocolypse

  1. Great job on the story. I personally enjoy apocalyptic stories. You had a great description on the setting, and it makes me want to read more. Do you think you’ll make more stories like this?

    1. thank you for the comment!! I hope to have every post to be a chapter long and I will be posting a lot of chapters during the school year. Thanks for following!

  2. “All so perfect, too perfect- all of the hundreds of thousands of buildings laid before me empty.” Is one of my favorite parts because you created suspense and made me want to finish the story. What did you look up to find the awesome picture? It lets you imagine the setting that you described really well in your story. You should add a main character from his point of view to see what it’s like to go through the stages, but overall, I thought you did really good!

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