Think back to High School Musical 2, you know that part when they’re whispering Summer over and over until the bell rings on the last day of school? Well that’s me every day until May 29, because that day I will be screaming Summer.

I am super done with school and everything about it. The longer I’m here the more it feels like a prison. There is homework, and tests, and quizzes, and FINALS! I have rambled a lot about how I don’t like it, but now that its the end of the year I’m just trying to make it through these next few weeks without falling apart.

This Summer is going to be fun because I am doing nothing. Besides the Summer dance classes I have nothing exciting to do. I will defiantly be going to Dallas at least twice, but other than that I am going to sleep through the Summer.

After everything that has happened this year I’m losing my mind. Most of the time I don’t know what’s happening. (In fact I am just typing enough words to finish this blog post, so one more grade out of the way.)

And that was my last blog post.

Six Flags

This week all the music kids are going to Six Flags. This is going to be the greatest day of the year.

If you can understand this I do not like school, and Six Flags is a whole day off school, so that is great. Because almost everyone is in music, I will have almost no makeup work. Also most of my friends are going to be there.

The rides are going to be great, but I’m scared of everything, so I will ride the kiddy rides such as the Scooby Doo ride and the Ferris Wheel.

There is a choir competition right before, but I’m not worried, we got a perfect score at the last one and I will be by friends the whole time.

I’m just happy about all of this, and even if it rains it will be the greatest day of the year.

The Giver: Color

My class recently finished The Giver by Lois Lowery. I thought the book was great and really interesting. One of the things that made it interesting was in their future society, they don’t have color. This post is going to be about life without color.

Imagine a world without a favorite color, a color that looks good on you, hair color, eye color, the list goes on. These are the types of colors that make you you. Of course there are colors like sunsets, or billboards, but color isn’t just something you see it is something in you. You can’t see how good or bad you look, you just look. The world would be lost without your one outfit that out-fits all of your others, or without your eyes sparkling while watching a concert, or favorite movie.

Think really hard about an earth where you can’t see city lights on your first trip to New York. There would be no sunsets just light and dark. There would be no cars because no red or green lights. In this book there are no bright lights, no cars, and no sunsets. I would hate to live in a world like that. You couldn’t even have the white crayon be used less than all the others. Everything is the same, gray, lighter gray, or dark gray. No beauty no ugly just same

Colors aren’t just colors. Colors give emeotions, make you you, and let you see beauty. I included two pictures below so you can see what kind of world the characters in the book have to live in.



Wedding Bells

Next weekend my cousin is getting married. His name is Max, and he is marring a woman named Kim. I am so pumped for the wedding. The brides dress is gorgeous, and so are the bridesmaids dresses. They are a peachy pink and, good news, they aren’t an awkward length. I am the guest book girl, so I get to pick my own dress and shoes. That’s pretty sweet.

I am kind of depressed because I only have 2 cousins, 1 boy 1 girl, and now I feel like I will have none. I have a feeling that my other cousin, Emma, will be engaged soon. They are pretty much the only young people in the family, besides my brother and me. I’m just worried I will have a total meltdown at the thought of losing my cousin, and that will not look too runway ready.

Overall this is a celebration of love, so it should be a fun event. I think no matter how sad it will be to let my oldest, and one of my only cousins,go. It will beautiful and a great party.


STAAR is a very long boring test that lasts all day. It stands for State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readyness. It is 4 hours long and is made to trick you and put the wrong answers.

When I got there everything was fine and nothing was too hard. Until day two of the writing STAAR. We had to write about determination. It was really hard because most things I do don’t take too much determination, so I decided to make mine funny.

I wrote about a quick change with one dance to change clothes. It was funny because who is determined to change clothes? I don’t really know how grading the STAAR works but I hope they don’t take off too many points for my lack of excitement.

I really don’t think they will, but if they do that wouldn’t be good for me. I just wanted to give whoever has to read all of them some humor.

Oh well.

Why Teachers Make Me Mad

Okay this title is going to make my English teacher angry, but this is not a hate post. This is just a post to get a message across about my stress.

Most (I’m saying most) teachers are hypocrites. They say, “We understand that you have after school activities.” But then they pile on a ton of homework, quizzes, and a test every week. On top of that, they blame us for not getting an A in every class you have. I thought they understood we had things to do after school.

A lot (again a lot not all) teachers are just plain mean. I have this one teacher that is always telling my class that we are the lowest scoring class that they teach. I understand that we need to get our grades up, but we do not need a constant reminder about how stupid we are. And it is mostly this teachers fault. He/She/It just gives us notes and tells us to get a good grade on the test… In two days! You shouldn’t be a teacher if you don’t like to teach.

(In the paragraph above there are really two teachers who do this)

I know I already mentioned this, but the stress. Every week I have at least two tests… Plus a quiz. Along with all the written assignments I have everyday, and projects and STAAR tests, and essays, and I’m about to have a heart attach just thinking about how most days I don’t get home until nine. Yay for me I get to stay up super late and get zero sleep and no social life.

Everything above again was not hate but was a message that needs to get across to all teachers. (P.S I can’t remember a day when I wasn’t studying for a test, because we have one everyday.)

Why Spring Break is Going to be Great

Spring Break is going to be awesome. I am going on many long yet exciting journeys. Here’s my plan:

First I sleep in until about noon. Then I slowly make my way downstairs for some snacks and iced tea. After that I rest on the couch watching bad reality shows until I get bored or hungry.

After my reality show binge I grab some Cheez-its and make a long journey upstairs for hours and hours of my favorite shows. Shows like New Girl, Glee, American Horror Story, and Gossip Girl.

Next I go back all the way downstairs for dinner. Finally I get to make a pillow fort and watch my favorite horror movies.

Now I sleep and do it all again. Now remember this last for a week.

Why Competitions Give You Mixed Emotions

Competitions are fun, but the can also be really REALLY awful. For example I don’t know what happened in the last competition because we lost (bad) but we were just as bad as normal, and I hope the other people were just as bad.

To start off I will talk about the pros:
You get to hang out with all of your dance friend, in full stage makeup, all day. You also get to dance. Which is just awesome. My personal favorite is that your dance teachers are nice to you. (If you don’t know that rally ever happens.) There are way more but I need to talk about the cons.

You have to watch all of these amazing dances, that you know are going to beat you. If you are unlucky you have to follow one of those. Example: my friend Ashley C. (go look at her blog on my lists of blogs) Had an amazing dance called iron. They won everything in their category. That’s great, but we had to follow it. Finally you CAN’T EAT! So that is bad.

In conclusion competitions have more pros than cons.

Why Being Sick is Awful

On my last blog post I talked about how I’m done with school, but in this all I’m going to talk about is missing school.

When you miss school because of being sick, out of town, or wherever else you are you think “Ugh I’m going to have a ton of makeup work!” Everyone knows it’s coming but not everyone knows how bad it really is. I missed school on Tuesday and when I came back yesterday, I was about to explode or maybe just die because I couldn’t handle it.

I had a social studies essay almost (it was a whole big writing project) and a double sided vocabulary description page, both due today! Isn’t that fun? As if that wasn’t hard enough I had a science worksheet, 3 pages of Spanish, and I missed a quiz in Spanish that I’m taking today. I have Bible study on Wednesdays then dance for a couple of hours, so I don’t get to start my homework until about 8:45.

Teachers don’t get that we have things to do after school and maybe we have other classes and tests and you might not be the only important class! I ramble when I’m mad. So basically if you miss one day you won’t get any sleep, so… Thanks teachers.

Why I’m Done With School

Same thing everyday: wake up super early, go to school (jail), come home, do way too much homework, barely sleep, repeat.

To start my rant I will talk about the teachers. EVERY TEACHER IS GETTING ON MY NERVES. For example I have a teacher that gets mad at me for everything- even studying! I also have a teacher who doesn’t teach. All they do is give us a general concept then piles on work. This next teacher will give us 2 sets of notes and then a test 3 days later! That’s just the start.

The next topic is homework. Teachers need to understand that we might have a life outside of school, and sometimes I don’t have time to do all of it, go to dance, and still have time to read 1,000 pages for a reading log. I don’t want to have to study for a test every week. We have no homework nights and all, but the next day they just give us double the work, so basically we can’t even relax when we are at home!

Finally the last reason I’m done with school is because when spring comes around my brain goes dead. All I can think about is when will this day, week, month, year be finally over. I can barely do work because I feel like I’m going to explode from projects, tests, quizzes, homework, teachers, failing, and getting in trouble. Yeah this time of year really sucks for me.

And that is why I am done with jail, or what most people call school. Also just writing this is giving me a headache because this rant is a grade just like everything else I ever do.