The Girl, Part 2

I now knew the police were coming. But I didn’t know what to do. My mind was telling me to get people to help. Although my body just stared. The time flew by fast as a jet flying over my head.  When the police came I told them about the girl and the pale thing. They just told me I was in shock and what happened made my head imagine things. But even if they didn’t believe me I knew I had to figure out this…thing… and what it meant.

When I came home my mom was worried but thankful. She had heard what had happened and told me I was very responsible for calling the cops immediately. I told her thank you and that I just wanted some shuteye. That night I couldn’t rest. My mind could only think of her. And right as I was about to fall asleep I thought of what could happen to me if I wasn’t careful.

The next day after school I told my mom I was going to go practice basketball with my friends. She was suspicious at first then she realized that it was basketball season and let me go. My mom didn’t get out of the house much, though we had a connecting bond. I went to the part of the forest that wasn’t blocked off by highlighter yellow police tape and evidence markers standing on one corner about to go tumbling down. there were no people around. and then I saw it.

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  1. This story is SO GOOD. Wow. I like how it’s short but sweet and how it all flows together. Good job brooooooooo.

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