Blues Night

It was a dark Friday night in Chicago. The sky was only lit by diners and motels. The club was one of finest places to go, especially on blues night.

I walk in the club wearing my charcoal grey fedora, one of my favorites. A man in the corner smoking a Prince Albert out of the maroon mahogany of a Peterson. Only he would smoke one of those on blues night. He was notorious for that kind of thing. In the background I hear the original dixie jazz band smothly playing the brasses. Just because he was there I knew something was up.

It was big man Al. He had a circle about 10 feet around with no people . I could’ve arrested Mr.Capone right there and then but I knew I would be dead before I could even touch him. With this autumn night came a heavy downpour. Most left the club early because of the weather. It left me to see his moves. But I had a feeling that he was ahead of me by 10 steps.

I looked over as the band was about to start packing up. I was thinking about getting a good nights sleep. I may have had one to many martinis for tomorrow being another one of those agility trainings on the weekends. And then I suddenly realize that the Al Capone had escaped from my very eyes. I started running out the back exit. Right as I make it out that very door there he is.

” Hows it going rookie. New to the detectives. Want to learn why they needed more of them?

He pulls out a colt .38 super as I pull out my Smith & Wesson .38 special. I was ready for something fishy. The issue was I didn’t know what he had in stock.

” Now what happens is I shoot you and I get away. Sound good.”

I anticipated his shot and ducked. He shot again but only got me in the foot. I immediately shoot back hitting him in his pelvis. He fell to the ground clenching his waist whilst trying to hold a gun.

“Oh, no you got me good right there.” He said in a dosturbing tone of voice.

He whistles and out come three men with Thompson machine guns firing up the place. I quickly ran for shelter. As I got behind one of the alleys dumpsters I looked down and only got shot once in the thigh.

” You did good rookie. See you on the other side.”

He drove away in the Cadillac series V-63 phaeton. As soon as he was out of my vision two cop cars came to pick me up. I was happy but disappointed that they came to get me. I was glad that I could get medical attention. But at the same time I wish I could get thoose dirtbags.

Another time,  another place. I’ll find them. And I’ll fight to get them and put them in the penitentiary for a long, long, time.


  1. This is incredible!! Oh my gosh. It’s like reading a true film noir crime novel. I can just see James Cagney or Humphrey Bogart saying all this. Great imagination. Nice work.

  2. Love your narrator’s voice here, and the fact that he wears a fedora. Don’t you wish hats were still in style?!

  3. Great job man. Way to paint a picture. I thoroughly enjoy reading your work. It has a much older sound than I expected and I love the specific detail. I own both pistols you mentioned and appreciate the specifics as opposed to just saying a “gun”. Great authors research what they’re talking about and paint a more accurate picture.

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